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Review: Rawkstar Exotics’ Gold Congo Terp Rosin

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Review: Rawkstar Exotics’ Gold Congo Terp Rosin

This landrace rosin has 76 percent THC.

Sativa lovers, couch-lockers and psychonauts, rejoice: This dab is for you. With influences from four continents, it’s no wonder that Gold Congo rosin has such wide appeal. It’s not just for sativa divas, although it is definitely uplifting and uber energetic. In higher doses, its Afghan lineage can shine through, making Gold Congo a hash rosin even indica fans could fall in love with. Those who prefer hybrids will find this to be high-bred, indeed, with effects spanning the full spectrum of psychoactive experience depending on dosage. And for those who have more psychedelic tendencies, but prefer a milder trip that you don’t have to plan your entire day around, well, welcome home.

All hail to Sirius Starboy, the cannabis alchemist behind breeding one of the world’s best known old-school sativas – Colombian Gold – with the Bay Area’s interpretation of Red Congolese to create this extraordinary strain. Red Congolese on its own is a rare and super exotic African landrace sativa. But Bay Area breeders reportedly bred the strain with Mexican and Afghan influences to create the melting-pot version of Red Congolese that eventually fathered Gold Congo. At 76 percent THC and 7 percent terps, the Rawkstar Exotics version I dabbed for this review shattered all my perceptions of what rosin could be.

The Look

Gold Congo is a translucent, light gold color that lives up to its name. Exceptionally high terps give this hash rosin a sappy consistency that’s super dabbable, easily manageable from its glass jar and best handled with a dab tool.

The Smell

Unscrew the lid and prepare your nostrils for an intense blast of naturally high original terps that test upwards of 7 percent. Gold Congo has a very pungent, spicy aroma, akin to something you’d find in a Thai culinary spice. The smell is overwhelmingly reminiscent of dark and spicy clove with sandalwood high notes, a mild floral undertone and a slightly peppery bottom end. It’s worth noting that the smell is most intense when the rosin is a little warmer than room temperature. Put it in your pocket for a while if you have to – the unique aroma of this terp rosin is definitely worth it.

The Flavor

Gold Congo’s taste closely aligns with its smell, particularly when vaped at lower temperatures. It instantly coats the tongue with a strong, sandalwood spice. Faint notes of chai linger in the slightly sour aftertaste.

The High

Gold Congo is stunningly complex, boasting such broad appeal across the psychoactive spectrum that it truly offers something for everyone.

If Red Congolese has been referred to as the “cocaine of cannabis,” then Gold Congo must be the “mollie of marijuana.” One solid toke could have you cleaning your house, snuggling in ecstasy, and docking at the interdimensional space station of euphoria. And as the high subsides and your parachute opens up for your descent back to Earth, the toasty feelings of euphoria give way to a tantalizing indica coziness that will have you at one with the universe – if not the couch.

Mind-opening, consciousness-expanding and yes, borderline psychedelic, Gold Congo shot me out of the cannon of consciousness and catapulted me into realms beyond the cosmos, then gently floated me back to 3D reality in time for dinner.

Yogis, dancers and athletes will love Gold Congo hash rosin, not only due to its supreme sativa-dominance, but because it creates a surprisingly unique body high that makes you want to move. You may find yourself twirling around like a whirling deva or pulling out your yoga mat, because your body just wants to move and stretch and play. One of the people sampling this strain with me began to bend and twist his body in ways that he said realigned his back so well, he canceled his chiropractic appointment. And it is so highly energetic, it’s the perfect strain for sustained physical activity. Dab this before your workout and you will be effortlessly in the zone.

Gold Congo is also ideal for a fun night out or any kind of social activity. High levels of mental acuity make words flow easily and conversation more passionately engaged, like a really clean caffeine kick. And as the dab melts, so do any feelings of anxiety. Again, this is not like many sativa strains that are racy to the point of discomfort. Gold Congo is the best of all worlds: It’s mentally stimulating without falling off into paranoia, it makes you active without burdening you with anxiety, it relaxes you enough to engage without awkwardness, and it’s euphoric without… actually, it just plain makes you euphoric.

Best Uses

I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a strain with such diversity of applications based on titration. Doses ranging from tiny to low will produce a very energizing, uplifting, sativa-of-your-dreams experience. A mid-range dose will keep your mental acuity intact, while simultaneously transporting you to phantasmagoric realms of near-psychedelic euphoria. And higher doses can be quite intense at first, but mellow into more meditative, relaxing states of consciousness. In other words, Gold Congo is the strain we’ve ALL been waiting for.

In general, Gold Congo rosin is ideal for working out or any sort of athletic activity, domestic chores, yoga, ‘zenning’ out and blissing out, meditating and contemplating, being creative and social engagement. From a medicinal standpoint, Gold Congo is an excellent mood-enhancer, mood-stabilizer and anti-depressant. It curbs anxiety as well as appetite, and provides a form of clean energy that, in smaller doses, could easily replace caffeine in your daily regimen.

The Word

Gold Congo terp rosin is instantly legendary – a must for anyone looking to level-up their stash, enhance physical performance or expand their consciousness. A more complex, nuanced high has never been found, at least by the likes of yours truly, and I can assure you, I’ve been looking. The Rawkstar Exotics version I tried for this review is currently available in San Francisco at Urban Pharm, Medithrive, Grass Roots and Vapor Room, as well as in Oakland at Harborside Health Center. If you find it, try it, and tell us what you think in the comments section.

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