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Reefer’s Closet: Dab Fashion For the Concentrate Connoisseur

Cannabis Clothing Dab Fashion Kindstems Leggings Cannabis Now


Reefer’s Closet: Dab Fashion For the Concentrate Connoisseur

Photo Courtesy Kindstems

Reefer’s Closet: Dab Fashion For the Concentrate Connoisseur

Cannabis legalization means more access to concentrates, so celebrate with these dab-tastic finds.

One thing I hear from reefers all over the world is that they just haven’t had access to dabs or cannabis concentrates in their hometown quite yet. Instead, people are traveling from far and wide to visit states that have legalized adult use of cannabis in hopes that they might have their first dab and are amazed at the options on the menu when they arrive! Waxes, oil, shatter, sauce, crumble: each has its own unique profile to experience. Concentrates are a potent way to enjoy the vibes of your favorite strain, and with these wearables on, your budtenders will know you’re here for the dabs.

Shatter Tree T-Shirt

Cannabis Concentrate Shirt Marijuana Fashion Cannabis Now / $30

No stranger to the stoner tee market, Tree Shurts offers this super soft “shurt” with an oily twist on their classic logo across the front. It’s a collaboration with design team OilWorkz, whose work you might have seen on Chalice Festival promotions and Bong Beauties apparel. OilWorkz brings an eye-catching symmetry to the already great collection of designs put out by Tree Shurts, together making a classic dab shirt wearable by men or women. The black edition was limited to 420 tees and only 100 will be made of the newer cranberry release. Get it while you can on their website!

Citrine Dream Leggings

Kindstems Leggings Cannabis Clothing Cannabis Now / $65

Ever since finding Kindstems’ creations, I’ve been swooning! They take extremely high quality photos of cannabis and in this case, Citrine Dream shatter, to print onto microfiber yarn leggings. Their leggings are made to order in California, which prevents waste from unsold inventory just sitting on the shelf. Kindstems also donates 3 percent of profits to non-violent offenders serving time in prison for cannabis crimes. The incredibly realistic-looking leggings have an omni-flex fit, which keeps them from riding up or down throughout the day and holds them perfectly in place as you move. These Citrine Dream leggings will have your smoking buddy ready to dab you up!

Whatadab Hatpin

Whatadab Cannabis Hat Pin Cannabis Now / $15

A hat pin is so much more than a hat pin. It’s a way to show a bit of personality, express your sense of humor and collect a tangible little something celebrating your experiences. Texan company Mother Earther has quite a few hat pins available and this one always brings a smile. While Texas has not embraced cannabis legalization yet, this dabby parody of the state’s famous burger chain’s logo shows there are concentrate consumers even in the most unlikely of places. Grab one and pop it onto your hat, bag or jacket and enjoy that sparkling orange glitter in the sunlight.

710 Dabbed Out Charm Bracelet

Blunted Objects Cannabis Jewelry Cannabis Now / $25

For years, dabbers have been using “710” to signal to each other, and with this bracelet from Blunted Objects the message is loud and clear that you’re up for a dab. The company hand-crafts each piece in Los Angeles. The bracelet has a sturdy clasp to keep a lock on your 710 celebration as you’re getting stoney, and multiple links to adjust sizing to your wrist. Wear it as an anklet to be a little more discrete, or shake hands proudly a give a wink when someone asks what the 710 means.

Hemp Gauges – Resin Plugs

Cannabis Earrings Cannabis Jewelry Cannabis Now / Price range: $7.51 – $22.81

Bending Embers hand-makes jewelry with real leaves embedded into hard resin, creating completely unique pieces anyone would love to wear. The gauges can be made in a variety of sizes, and you can customize your pair or individual earring by selecting the color the leaves will sit against. While they are made with hemp leaves and not real cannabis, don’t be surprised if a few people are convinced. Fortunately, the earrings are completely solid and can’t be busted open to get the leaves out, so no one can smoke your jewelry!

Originally published in Issue 30 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE

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