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Issue 15
Print Edition (124 pages)
published May 2015

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What’s Inside Issue 15

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Editor’s Note p.07
Political Update By Roger Maple p.12
Happy Holidaze All Year By Jeremy Daw p.18
Trademarking: The Rocky Road to Cannabis By Chris McElwain p. 24
Into the Roots: Mapping the Cannabis Family Tree By Timothy Anderson p.28
Chocolate Science: Chocolatiers of the New Cannabis Industry By Ellen Holland p. 33
The Delicate Art of Cultivation: A quality grow yields top-notch cannabis on Capitol Hill in Denver Photos by Fred Moreledge p.38
Live Resin: Wet Plant Extraction By Rick Pfrommer p.50
Miles to Go Before I Sleep By Dave Carpenter p.54
The Cannabis Now Interview with Tommy Chong By Angela Bacca p.60
Praying for Seed: Hemp will soon fuel a planet-wide billion-dollar industry By Doug Fine p.68
The District of Cannabis By Mike Adams p.74
Tips for Selling Your Cannabis: How to Turn your Green into Stacks of Green p.76
Thai Stick Up: Foreigners learn the hard way to observe local customs before lighting up By Trey Turner p.80
Marijuana Salves, Oils and Topicals By Ed Rosenthal p.87
Essential Element: The male plant, while less glamorous than the female, is a key piece of the botanic puzzle By Thomas Valentine p.90
Weeding out the Leaf By Mitchell Colbert p.94
Dispensary Profile: San Francisco’s Sparc p.98
Strain Review: Mr. White By Dragonfly De La Luz p.103
Product Spotlight: Dr. Dabber Layback Recycler, The Dipstick, Galaxy E-Nail
Book Review: Thai Stick By Dave Carpenter p.108
Film Review: Grounded p.111
Edibles Recipe: Canna-Quinoa Salad By Laurie and MaryJane p.113

Cannabis Now is a group of individuals passionate about the topic of cannabis and the debate surrounding it.

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