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Puffco Pro 2: Your First Class Ticket for Terpy Travel

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Puffco Pro 2: Your First Class Ticket for Terpy Travel

The Puffco Pro 2 is a scaled-down, low-profile alternative to the full-size Puffco Pro Plus, delivering the same incomparable function and flavor in an even sleeker, more compact package that’s perfect for inconspicuous travel and use.

The Puffco Pro set a new standard for on-the-go concentrate consumption with its revolutionary Puffco Plus, which utilizes a coil-free system that nearly replicates the sensory experience of dabbing from a ceramic nail.

But for those seeking a smaller, more incognito approach, the new Puffco Pro 2 offers some serious advantages. The Pro 2 still offers a high-capacity ceramic chamber and adds a coil to maximize efficiency. Thankfully, this doesn’t compromise flavor because the coil setup contains no fibers, plastic elements or adhesives.

And don’t let the small size fool you — this little beauty packs a serious punch. The new “sesh  mode” allows for several seconds of continuous heat, allowing you to take the big, flavorful rips a committed concentrate connoisseur craves.

The body of the Pro 2 is machined from stainless steel, lending it some serious durability. You should always handle electronic devices with as much care as possible, but the Pro 2 will withstand some pretty serious abuse, so it’s more than capable of withstanding the rigors of regular use.

And it’s worth noting, the device is really attractive. The size makes it easy to conceal in your fist for almost total discretion in public, but in those settings where you can allow people to see it, the crisp, contemporary styling and sleek appearance will certainly make you stand out.

With an emphasis on travel that extends beyond the diminished size, the impact-resistant carrying case provides space for the Pro 2 and everything that goes with it, including a charge and a loading tool.

In addition to the novelty of sesh mode, the Pro 2 also offers three distinct temperature settings, ranging from a low setting for delicate shatters to a high heat for viscous oils or dense budders.

The Pro 2 also did away with the “indicator” light on the front end of the device, which sort of called to mind the ember “cherry” of a joint or blunt. Some people miss this little stylistic flourish, but just as many are happy to no longer worry about the telltale glow when they’re medicating in public after dark. The only illuminated element is the button, which is small enough to be completely concealed by most thumbs.

All told, the Puffco Pro 2 offers some serious flavor, vapor production in an insanely durable and discrete package. By focusing on functionality and discretion without sacrificing the primary desires of concentrate vapers, Puffco knocked it out of the park this time.

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