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Poll Reveals Highest American Support for Legalization in History

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Poll Reveals Highest American Support for Legalization in History

A new Gallup poll finds that the majority of the American population – a solid 58 percent – support cannabis legalization.

Just days after it was revealed that Canada is well on its way to ending prohibition across the nation, a new Gallup poll finds that the majority of the American population would support a measure to make the same reform right here in the United States. A solid 58 percent of the respondents said they believe cannabis should be legalized.

The latest poll provides a rather impressive portrait for this issue in key demographic areas. While only 20 percent of those ages 18-34 supported the legalization of marijuana back in 1969, those numbers have now skyrocketed to a remarkable 71 percent. In addition, the age group of 35-49 has made a significant uptick since then, from 11 to 64 percent. Even those between the ages of 50 and 65 have made measurable progress – with a 52 percent leap since the late sixties.

Overall, the latest poll reveals a shift in the attitudes of every generation on the issue of cannabis reform. Senior citizens have even become more open to concept of making weed legal. The poll shows that more of those born between 1936-1950 now support the end of prohibition – increasing by 20 percentage points since 1969. It is, perhaps, even more telling that some of America’s oldest citizens have also changed their tune on the issue. Nearly 20 percent of this demographic now supports the cause, while only 8 percent did back when Gallup first began polling.

“These days it’s not especially exciting to see yet another poll showing majority support for legalizing marijuana, but 58 percent is very strong share of the American people calling for change and elected officials should listen,” Tom Angell of the pro-legalization group Marijuana Majority said in a statement. “We’re seeing an increasing number of national politicians saying that it’s time to at least let states implement their own laws without federal interference. And we’re also seeing a growing number candidates endorsing legalization outright, which shows how mainstream this issue is now.”

Gallup concluded that not only did the latest poll show the highest level of support for the legalization of marijuana in the history of its existence, with 58 percent, but, “given the patterns of support by age, that percentage should continue to grow in the future.”

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