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Oscars Attendees Get Gifted Pot-Free Edibles, Vouchers for Infused Treats

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Oscars Attendees Get Gifted Pot-Free Edibles, Vouchers for Infused Treats

The stars will have to bring their own — or throw a pot pregame — if they want to be lit for Hollywood’s biggest event of the year. But federal legalization could open doors for those who want to put the “pot” in “spotlight.”

Although nobody here at Cannabis Now has ever even come close to attending the Academy Awards, we do feel it’s fair to say that the experience is probably really stressful. The sycophantic red carpet coverage, the elaborate (and likely uncomfortable) outfits, the looming possibility of public speaking — it’s got to be a lot of pressure. So it seems only natural that Oscars attendees would get gifted a little something to take the edge off, especially in sweet, adult-use cannabis friendly California, right?

Sort of. Academy Awards attendees will all receive a gift basket this year stocked with goodies from Coda Signature, a Colorado-based company that peddles picturesque craft edibles and tinctures. The catch? Per state law, none of these treats will actually be infused.

Oscars Buzz-Kill

Because it is illegal to transport cannabis-infused products across state lines from Colorado into California, Coda Signature will instead be providing unmedicated versions of some of their products, including a bath bomb, hand-painted truffles and a few of their chocolate bars. They’re also including a voucher for a “customized package” made up of the real, THC-infused deal, to be redeemed by these lucky recipients when Coda Signature expands business to California in spring 2019, per a statement from the company.

The company has also promised that these packages will be “hand-delivered… through a licensed delivery service after Coda Signature’s official California launch,” which seems like an excuse to find out where Emma Stone lives, but whatever.

“With our California debut just a few months away, Coda Signature is thrilled to partner with Distinctive Assets and take part in this classic Hollywood tradition,” Coda Signature Co-Founder and CEO Mark Grindeland said in the same statement. “We celebrate creative artistry in everything we do at Coda Signature, and we hope that the nominees enjoy our products as much as we enjoy their exceptional contributions to the world of film.”

The statement also noted that “every nominee for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Director will receive one of these bags, whether or not they take home a statue,” so rest assured that even Adam Driver is going to get a piece of the action.

What, Me, Worry?

On the other hand, it’s hard to throw too much of a pity party for some of the richest and most powerful people in the American entertainment industry and, by extension, the world. Vox’s Rebecca Jennings pointed out how expensive it would be to actually shell out for what the stars will be getting for free, a point that’s hard to argue with.

Why fret over fabulously wealthy people missing out on free cannabis when patients across the country still struggle to access medicinal marijuana even in states that have nominally established programs? Or when people continue to languish away in prison or struggle post-incarceration on marijuana possession charges?

Federal legalization will likely involve policy changes when it comes to state exports of marijuana, which would have helped the likes of Bradley Cooper take home a significantly danker load of swag — but national policy should obviously be aimed more at helping the average American, who’s frankly unlikely to be tuning into the Oscars at all.

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