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Milk, Cookies and Cannabis for the Homeless

Pot leaf cookies dusted with green sprinkles were made with canna-butter.


Milk, Cookies and Cannabis for the Homeless

Recipe for cannabutter cookies with orange cannabutter frosting pictured above found here.

It’s the first big snowstorm Toronto has seen this year, but cannabis activist Amy Anonymous has a mission. For the past three years the baker, mother and medical marijuana card holder has distributed care packages to the homeless and less fortunate. These care packages, filled with items such as socks, scarves and coffee gift cards, also have a unique inclusion: cannabis and rolling papers.

“I just wanted to help people,” Anonymous said, noting that she often interacts with others who are less fortunate through her job at a Toronto medical marijuana dispensary.

This year, Anonymous collected donations from those in the cannabis community (the cannabis was donated by herself and not the dispensary where she is employed) and was able to hand out 40 bags on the Toronto streets.

Anonymous drives to shelters and trucks where food is distributed and introduces herself with genuine warmth to people she meets. She then pulls out a gift and explains its contents, usually leaving the inclusion of cannabis as a final note.

“It is always a positive response,” she said. “I think the people we give them to are a little shocked.”

Anonymous said it is good to show love to people outside of family and friends as those outside of hand’s reach are often the ones who don’t receive love. And for those who might feel handing out cannabis to the homeless is a bad idea she has a message: “I don’t think there is really anything wrong with giving someone the gift of medicine and warmth.”

Tell us in the comments below, how will you spread holiday cheer?

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