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Need Legal Advice? Michael E. Cindrich, APC Could Help You

Michael E. Cindrich
Photos courtesy of Michael E. Cindrich, APC


Need Legal Advice? Michael E. Cindrich, APC Could Help You

The Law Offices of Michael E. Cindrich, APC has considerable experience representing cannabis businesses and consumers who need legal advice.

Cannabis is rapidly expanding in popularity, legality and medical application around the world. Federal, state, and local governments are consistently reviewing and implementing changes to the draconian laws surrounding cannabis. With new legislation comes a greater need to understand these changes and how it impacts our daily existence. 

Frequently asked questions surrounding the legality of cannabis in California include: How much can you hold at a time? What happens if the state cracks down hard on your growing operation? Is there anyone you can turn to for cannabis-specific legal help?

Just like there are specialized tax, bankruptcy and personal injury attorneys, there are attorneys out there who have specific expertise in cannabis law. The Law Offices of Michael E. Cindrich, APC has considerable experience representing cannabis businesses and consumers who have legal issues arising from the cannabis industry.

The eighth lawyer in a long family line of attorneys, Cindrich is driven by a childhood realization about the injustice of law enforcement policies when it comes to cannabis.  

Growing up in Western Pennsylvania, Cindrich saw first-hand the personal, human side to the War on Drugs.  

“Being in a state that treated cannabis the same as any other illegal drug and seeing people close to me who were getting in trouble for cannabis-related offenses really made a lasting impact on me,” Cindrich said. 

From a young age, he was frustrated by the fact that alcohol use was legal considering the detrimental impact it has on society while cannabis was stigmatized and treated as a highly dangerous substance.

“I wanted to, in some way, shape or form, be able to fight against that,” said Cindrich. “I like fighting for people who otherwise can’t fight for themselves. I feel it’s my duty to fight for these people.”

He took that passion for justice and used it to fight on behalf of his clients, founding his law firm — the first firm in San Diego to focus almost exclusively on cannabis law — in 2008. His fierce litigation skills have successfully returned hundreds of pounds of cannabis, hundreds of thousands of dollars and kept innocent people out of prison.

Cindrich is an outspoken advocate for cannabis reform, legalization, and medical cannabis use, working with organizations like the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law (NORML) and Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP).

Cindrich also gives presentations to other attorneys on courtroom tactics for defending cannabis cases. His advice includes the most effective ways to cross-examine law enforcement experts.

Cindrich has a reputation as a fierce litigator and one of the most knowledgeable cannabis attorneys in the state. He regularly consults with police officers, judges, doctors, professional athletes and others who wish to know more about marijuana laws, regulations and the progression of legalization in the United States.

Since the passing of California’s Proposition 64 in 2016, Cindrich’s practice has largely shifted away from criminal defense to focus more on the corporate, regulatory, municipal and licensing side of the legal cannabis industry in California.

“I can tell you the number of criminal cases I’ve seen has gone down significantly since legalization,” said Cindrich. “Although I could look at that in a bad way, as hurting business, on the flip side I’ve thought very strongly about legalization from a young age. I’d much rather have it slowing down and have a little less business on the criminal side.”

Even with the decrease in criminal cases, Cindrich manages to stay busy. With the inclusion of hemp in the 2018 Farm Bill, the firm has seen a considerable increase in hemp-related legal work throughout California and the United States. In addition, Cindrich’s firm spends a considerable amount of time on civil litigation cases. Though the legalization of cannabis has allowed many to prosper, it has also opened the door to disputes among a wide range of industry participants. 

No matter the practice area, The Law Offices of Michael E. Cindrich APC utilizes its expertise in the legal cannabis industry to provide a competitive advantage over firms that have little to no industry experience.    

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