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How a Single Torch Company Dominates the Dabbing Game

How a Single Torch Company Dominates the Dabbing Game


How a Single Torch Company Dominates the Dabbing Game

How a Single Torch Company Dominates the Dabbing Game

In praise of the trustiest torch brand around.

In the ultra-competitive cannabis industry, few brands can actually call themselves the best at anything or claim a substantial corner of the market. But one company, Blazer Products, can make such an assertion, as their industrial torch has become the essential tool for top-shelf cannabis concentrate consumers.

Many of those globbiest of heads who truly deserve the title of “elite dabbers” have embraced the idea that the point of growing the best marijuana on the planet is to turn it into amazing concentrates. To dab those concentrates requires a quality torch, which is where the Japan-built Blazer comes in.

Daniel de Sailles, the founder of the Secret Cup, has kept his finger on the pulse of the high-end concentrate world over the last decade like few others. De Salles believes a big part of what got Blazer to the top of the torch market was how far they were ahead of competitors from day one. While Blazers still use butane like most other popular torches, the build quality was on a different level. This leads to a consistency that lasts until we hear otherwise, as many of Blazer’s Big Shot models from years ago are still in perfect working order.

“One of the big problems with other torches is that you would have to use a lighter to get it going after the flint goes out on it,” De Sailles said. “I’ve never seen anyone have to do it with a Blazer.”

De Sailles also noted the true terpene hunters out there tend to like nice things. “If you have a $10,000 piece of glass, you don’t want to heat up your $200 nail with a torch you need to get going with a lighter,” he said. “It ruins the aesthetic.”

De Sailles also believes another thing that helped Blazer dominate the torch game was the work of an artist named Emerge, who made a series of custom torches. Emerge had previously been working with a different line of torches, but after getting inundated with repairs, he switched over to Blazer products as the base for his artistic creations. Keep in mind this was in the age of titanium nails, which is practically the Stone Age considering where dabbing has evolved to today. De Sailles noted he still used the torch he got from Emerge around 2012, he’s never had a problem with it.

Blazer also expanded their product offerings, which helped their rise. Blazer’s torches had basically looked the same for 30 years until they released their first custom colors a few years ago. Now everything from expanded bases for stability and glow-in-the-dark lettering adds to the fun and safety performance.

Longtime hash influencer Addison DeMoura is also very pro-Blazer. As a co-founder at Steep Hill in Berkeley, California a decade ago and current head of business development for Advanced Nutrients, it’s tough for the dopest hash to hit the market without him hearing about it. He enjoys those glorious globs from a Mothership Glass collection — heated exclusively with Blazer torches.

“It’s simply the best torch to use on any nail,” DeMoura said. “They are so well put together that they can be used on the largest nails. The new 32 mm nails are huge and a Blazer makes easy work of them.”

DeMoura is also excited about new features, such as silicon sleeves for the torch tips to protect users from heat and make for easier travel and storage.

“I do look forward to grabbing some of the silicone sleeves for the torch tips,” he said. “Great design on that idea as well.”

It seems few things in the world of cannabis are agreed upon as much as Blazer’s place in the market and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

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Originally published in Issue 32 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE

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