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The Patient Journal Helps Document Your Medical Cannabis Journey

The Patient Journal Helps Document Your Medical Cannabis Journey
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The Patient Journal Helps Document Your Medical Cannabis Journey

Goldleaf’s Patient Journal notebook gives patients the tools necessary to chart every important factor in their medical cannabis therapy.

California passed the first medical cannabis laws in 1996. Since then, over half of the states in American have legalized medical marijuana in some form since Whether you’re new to cannabis or a long-time patient, finding the right treatment for your medical symptoms can be a challenge.

That’s why Goldleaf created the Patient Journal, a notebook that helps patients simplify the process of finding the right treatment for their symptoms. Their mission is to make the complex more approachable in a thoughtful, beautiful way.

Developed in partnerships with top medical professionals, the Patient Journal has all the tools you need to document the important factors in your therapy like strain selection, dosage and time of consumption, letting patients tweak their regime to make for improved results.

Accuracy of information takes top precedence for Goldleaf. Designed by UX experts, the content is both easy to use and understand, making for a clear and credible perspective for patients. Information within the cannabis journal was sourced from peer-reviewed publications, vetted by medical professionals like co-editor of the Patient Journal Dr. Adie Poe of Habu Health.

A trusted authority in the realm of cannabis research, patients can be sure that Goldleaf will only cite the most respected experts in its publications. The Patient Journal is regularly revised due to the constant evolution of cannabis research. The current 12th edition of the medical cannabis companion is based on new research and also customer feedback, to stay in step with current findings in the field of medical cannabis.

Over 20 days of guided entry pages, with timelines to help forecast the duration of a dose, cannabinoid and terpene effect infographics, recommendations for various ailments, and blank cultivar lab result pages.

It’s not just top-quality content, either. Goldleaf uses the best materials and craftsmanship in their journals. The discreet, dark navy cover is made from recycled materials and features the company’s gold emblem. The cream-colored FSC-certified pages are responsibly milled and both acid and chlorine-free. The journals are also printed with non-toxic ink.

The Patient Journal was created so medical cannabis patients — whether it’s you or friends and family members interested in cannabis education — can track their therapy to improve therapeutic results.

Plus, Goldleaf also offers white-label and customizations of the Patient Journal for other businesses or organizations. Visit their website for more information on white-label, custom and wholesale inquiries.

The 12th edition of the Patient Journal is available now. Save 10% of your entire order when you use the code cannabisnow at checkout.

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