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Getting Lit on Legal Live Resin

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Slymer, Zombee Extract/Photo by Ganja Jon


Getting Lit on Legal Live Resin

I wanted to explore some of the best live resin available right now in Portland, so I hit the terp trail to some of the finest dispensaries around and found these treasures.

Portland, Oregon is home to some of the best hash oil in the world, and thanks to legalization anyone over 21 can stop into a dispensary and grab some dabs for themselves. Still, it can be overwhelming to see such variety, especially when it comes to hash with all its terms, types and terpenes. However, if you’re looking for the tastiest experience, look toward the live resin. Live resin is so named because the hash is processed with fresh plant material rather than cured matter. It can be any consistency, from shatter and sugar to sap, and packs a punch of flavor in every toke because of its high terpene content.

Kaboom, Live Resin from White Label Extracts
TreeHouse Collective

Kaboom is exploding with flavor. It has a stable consistency and a transparent bright golden-yellow color. This live resin more pulls more than it snaps, but easily comes off the parchment paper it’s wrapped in when you’re grabbing a dab. Kaboom is a sativa, and its earthy-hazy smell is intense and wonderful. This concentrate tastes just like it smells, strong and earthy with a slight hint of sweet, revealing a heavy hit of citrus flavor.

Death Star, Live Resin from Sterling Gold Extracts
Oregon’s Finest

The golden-hued oil is a sappy consistency, so it’s easy to get a lot on the dab tool. I had to be careful, as I still had more dabs to sample and this strain’s definitely an indica. The smell is that gassy, fuel-type weed smell and it has a taste to match. This makes sense since Sour Diesel is one of its parent strains. Aptly named, the Death Star had super stoney effect.

Dawgwalker, Live Resin from Dirty Arm Farm
Natural Wonders

The sappiest of the bunch, the Dawgwalker gives off a sweet and piney scent. The strain is an indica-dominant hybrid, and is great for being stoned, but not so stoned you can’t get off the couch. The flavor is multi-layered, with notes of lemon and general fruitiness, almost sweet, definitely delicious.

Green Crack, Live Resin from Echo Electuary
Collective Awakenings

Practically clear when lifted from the parchment, the Green Crack has a solid yet sappy consistency and is easy to work with. It has a delicate flavor of citrus and hints of pineapple soda and the effect is uplifting and energizing, as you might expect from a solid sativa.

Bonus: Slymer, Zombee Extract from Echo Electuary
Collective Awakenings

What do you call hash oil that isn’t live resin, isn’t fully cured resin, and heads straight to the brain? Zombee Extract! I tried the Slymer Zombee Extract from Echo Electuary, an indica-dominant hybrid with over 5 percent terpenes. The color is a beautiful yellow tinted clear and it has a pleasant consistency that is a bit sappier than the average pull-and-snap, but is still quite stable. Hints of lime and tea tree are refreshing in this smooth and satisfying dab.

What concentrates have you been enjoying lately?

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