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Florida CBD-only Bill Passes First Hurdle

A large black pot indicates that the four plants within are Charlotte's Web.


Florida CBD-only Bill Passes First Hurdle

Florida’s CBD-only bill, HB 843, cleared its first hurdle by passing the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee in an 11-1 vote yesterday.

The bill must now pass through three more committees before it can be considered by the entire house. If HB 843 is signed into law it will take effect in July and redefine the term “cannabis” to mean only marijuana strains with less than 0.5 percent THC and more than 15 percent CBD. Medical cannabis under these parameters will then be legalized in the state.

High-CBD medicines in states where medical marijuana is legal usually test with significant percentages of THC, although the THC levels are lower in comparison to other strains. For instance, the strain “Harlequin” a well known high-CBD strain found in legal dispensaries tests at 6 percent THC and 4 percent CBD.

Charlotte’s Web, a strain popularized on the CNN documentary “Weed” hosted by Sanjay Gupta, tests at 0.5 percent THC and 17 percent CBD. Other high-CBD cannabis strains that also contain significant levels of THC are available for sale in medical marijuana states. At 0.5 percent THC, Charlotte’s Web is non-psychoactive.

CNN will air a follow up “Weed 2: Cannabis Madness” on Tuesday, March 11 at 10pm EST/7pm PST.

Also known as Alepsia, Charlotte’s Web is produced by the Stanley brothers of Realm of Caring in Boulder, Colo., and is named for Charlotte Figi, the epileptic toddler featured in the first CNN special. The strain received so much attention from the special; there is now an international waiting list for access to the medicine.

CBD-only legislation has been introduced this session not just in Florida, but also Utah, Wisconsin, Alabama and Georgia. The perception is that in conservative states, the promise of a non-psychoactive medical marijuana is a viable alternative to admitting prior policies were unscientific and socioeconomically devastating.

“[Alepsia] is as legal as other hemp products already sold in stores across Utah, including other oils, clothing and hand creams, but is illegal, federally, to take across state lines,” Josh Stanley said to a group of parents and politicians gathered to discuss the legislation in Salt Lake City last November.

The appeal to conservative legislators of these CBD-only bills is due to the messengers, whom the Washington Post dubbed “The Mommy Lobby.” More women have gotten involved in medical marijuana lobbying, bringing children’s medical use of cannabis to the forefront and making it an issue so powerful, hundreds of families are packing up and leaving their home states to get safe access.

In Florida, it’s the Moseley family. Holley Moseley is the mother of an 11-year-old girl with epilepsy and co-founder of Caring 4 Florida, the group that lobbied for the bill. Holley and husband Peyton, of Gulf Breeze Fla., adopted their daughter RayAnn, who suffers 300 seizures a week. The Moseleys believe they will be able to control the seizures with safe access to medical cannabis, but are worried their daughter would be removed from their care if they use it.

“She’s already been removed from one set of parents that she knew to be her parents. There’s no way that we would consider doing something like that to her again,” Holley Moseley told “We’re going to fight for her no matter what, from the beginning to making her ours to now seeing she gets the treatment she needs.”

Tell us in the comments below, do you believe parents should have the right to treat their children with medical cannabis?



  1. Alex

    April 20, 2014 at 8:42 am

    I like when marijuana have got low thc because if it’s more than 15
    I am loose myself cavaxaxa
    And I want to growmedical marijuana
    For my problems with paranoid that
    I am. Thanks

  2. Nickl

    March 7, 2014 at 12:03 pm

    More than 25 years daily …no complains (yet)…this is my share and surely thousands more who are walking proof of little or no physical or mental deficiency in long term usage. Under aged need a ‘prescription’ and after that, leave it in peace.

  3. Jesse Pinkman

    March 7, 2014 at 7:21 am

    i think CBD only strains such as charlotte’s web or ACDC because they do not give you the high that other strains would. i think children SMOKING any ganja is bad. children shouldn’t smoke anything. however edibles made from non-psychoactive ganja, oils, topicals, and non alcoholic tinctures are safe for anyone to use, children included

  4. Cw

    March 7, 2014 at 6:03 am

    CBD only is not the best avenue. Also the amount of people unsafely producing oil will now escalate. Legislative members who only partially understand the situation are probably in support of this.

  5. guido habets

    March 7, 2014 at 4:59 am

    everybody should have the right to choose their treatment.
    Cannabis has shown over and over again its medical miracles.
    You can grow it your own, make your own medicine,save a lot of lives, save a lot of money, save the state a lot of money. isn’t everybody short on money lately.
    Except of course for the pharma industry and the medical institutions and lets not forget the jails.

    Kisses from Cape Town, even worse over here, but people are waking up

  6. Don

    March 6, 2014 at 9:51 pm

    I watch the documentary about Charlotte. I cried for an hor or so, but was soon very overjoyed, when “the brothers” in Colorado, developed a 25-1 strain, and named it Charlotte’s web. 100+ seizures a day, and about to induce a medical coma, just so her body could rest!! I felt so bad for that little princess. But as a desperate, life saving effort, to save their daughter, they found the growers/breeders, to concentrate the CBD/THC ratio to 25-1. And then the undeniable miracle came, (through cannabis) brought her to 1 or so seizures a week! I Don’t know what you think you know about cannabis. But there is no denying or discounting the FACT,that cannabis gave this little girl, her life, joy, hope, freedom, childhood, and a very relieved set of great parents!!! God Bless you Charlotte!!!

  7. gary

    March 6, 2014 at 8:56 pm

    Fuck this! Its not dangerous, why should it be illegal? THC is not dangerous! Cbd bills MOCK cannabis reform. Can people not see that we are repeating history? Alcohol prohibition, women’s rights, slavery, and any other redicilous laws that have ever been in state. We all need to get on board legalising on a FEDERAL level, because state action is worthless if ultimately it gets shut down. Change your perception! You turn away at millions smoking cigarettes and thousands of those smoking around children. But people in my town through a fit out of a girl scout selling cookies outside of a medical dispensary, saying that its immoral to expose such a young person to such a dark world. Its a dark world because we perceive it as a dark world, when it truly promotes health and happiness. People should not have to feel like criminals to use what they need. Let’s bring this subject fully out of the darkness and expose what it really is. MEDICINE anddddd a safe way to have fun. Afterall, canmabis is less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco combined. So stop the social stigma, its truly a truly good plant. Its ok! Use it!

  8. Teri Livengood

    March 6, 2014 at 8:46 pm

    CBD is legal and available NOW!

  9. mary Murphy

    March 6, 2014 at 8:04 pm

    I truly believe marijuana was put on this earth by God to heal and I truly believe it fights against many diseases is a cure for many diseases I really want this legalize I have cancer and I would love to have this as a treatment options there’s days that I’m depressed anxious and I have heard it cares cancer I am out for having it legalizedl

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