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5 Ways to Incorporate Cannabis into Hanukkah Before It’s Over

Cannabis Now Five Ways to Incorporate Cannabis into Hanukkah Before It’s Over


5 Ways to Incorporate Cannabis into Hanukkah Before It’s Over

Now that the candles are all lit, it’s your turn!

So, it’s the last night of Hanukkah, the candles are glowing and you’re ready to enjoy some of your favorite traditional foods. It may or may not have occurred to you that you can also add a modern canna-twist to your celebration without changing things up too much. Sure, you could just smoke and let the munchies add a special buzz to your eight nights of commemoration. But there are also some slightly more intentional ways to slide cannabis right into the festivities without missing a beat.

If you’re looking for some ideas before time runs out, try out these easy tips tonight or put them in your mental planner for next year’s celebration.

Step Up Your Rolling Game

It may be too late to try to find and purchase something extravagant and specifically created for the Jewish stoner like this menorah bong, but you can still get creative with how you smoke. Pull out the premium papers, get out your grinder and up look up some tutorials on how to roll menorah joints. If you’re still working on your rolling skills, be very patient with yourself and expect to take a few failed attempts before you are able to perfect your masterpiece.

Infuse Traditional Recipes with Cannabis

Since you can guarantee there will be specific dishes present at a Hanukkah celebration, why not take it upon yourself to jazz things up by making your own and infusing them with cannabis butter or oil? Fried foods like latkes (those potato pancakes we all know and love) and sufganiyot (jelly-filled donuts for the uninitiated) are some of the most popular dishes associated with the holiday. You may have to take a raincheck on homemade jelly donuts unless you’re pretty good at baking, but the latkes can easily be infused by using canna-butter or oil when you fry them on the stove.

Put A New Spin on the Dreidel Game

At first glance, it may not seem like this classic game could really be modified. But there is a little twist that makes the game way more fun and puts it well into the adults-only category. For game pieces, try switching out the coins, candies and miscellaneous treats and swap them for pre-rolls, little cannabis-infused treats, cartridges and whatever else you can think of to sweeten the pot. Get it?

Get Creative with Strain Choices

Maybe rolling a fancy, multi-step joint just isn’t going to work for you and that’s totally okay! You can still get in on the smoking fun by finding and purchasing strains with names that lightheartedly match the occasion. Strains like Kush Kosher and Grape Jelly come to mind first, but the more you know the holiday, the easier it will be to pick out strains with names that make sense for your celebration.

Get Lit with Oils

Although lighting the menorah was originally established to honor the miracle of a small amount of crude oil that was able to last for eight days, you can incorporate a different type of oil into your celebration with concentrates. There are lots of ways to get your 710 fix, whether you go out and getting a new vape with top notch oil or load up the dankest of dabs of your favorite strain. Sure, it’s not an actual menorah, but it’s truly the thought and intention that counts. Bonus: if you’re super into the idea, you can also check out this 710 playlist. Happy holidays!

TELL US, how do you put a cannabis-related spin on your Hannukah celebration?

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