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Pop-Vac: The New Gold Standard in Extracts Packaging

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Pop-Vac: The New Gold Standard in Extracts Packaging

Keeping cannabis fresh is important for both manufacturers and consumers. IV Thought, leaders in the packaging design space, have developed an innovative solution that’s as fun as it is effective.

Compliant packaging is one of the most important aspects of selling cannabis products on the dispensary shelf. Canna-business owners need packaging that’s durable and can be customized to meet their needs. Cannabis packaging must also be healthy for both the product and the consumer, keeping the material as fresh as the day it was processed. Recognizing this need, IV Thought Products & Design Corp., leaders in product packaging and small electronics, developed the first-ever patent pending jar technology specifically designed for cannabis concentrate called Pop-Vac

Pop-Vac: Freshness You Can Hear

Pop-Vac is a truly innovative and groundbreaking product. The patent-pending technology took over 18 months of scientific research and development to produce and is the first third-party lab-certified, child-resistant vacuum seal jars designed specifically for cannabis products.

Pop-Vac is revolutionizing how concentrates are packaged and stored. The vacuum seal technology keeps cannabis concentrates safe from the dreaded drying out or oxidizing that can occur while preserving those all-important terps. Simply screw the cap onto the jar, and when you hear the “click,” you know that the vacuum seal is activated. To release, simply unscrew the cap counterclockwise until you hear the “pop” sound—it’s guaranteed freshness you can hear.

One of the biggest gripes faced with traditional concentrates packaging is product migration. When consumers open their jar, the product frequently gets stuck on the sides, lid or threads of the jar. This can result in a messy situation and lead to a significant loss of product, causing disappointment and frustration for the consumer. The jar cavity of Pop-Vac is specially designed to prevent product migration so customers can enjoy a seamless experience.

Pop-Vac products come in a wide variety of sizes, from 2ml-8ml concentrate jars and eighths. Quarter, half and full-ounce jars are to be released soon, along with the original Pop-Vac unit in packs of three or ten and the single-joint tubes. Pop-Vac jars are made using premium materials, including food-grade proprietary sealing gasket and a food grade stainless steel disk.

Pop-Vac keeps concentrates fresh.

The exterior of Pop-Vac products is also endlessly customizable, with branding and coloring options available to consumers and business owners alike. Not only will Pop-Vac keep your concentrate fresh, but the packaging itself will be just as fresh.   

“I heard about Pop-Vac on Instagram,” says Mitch Cassel, director of processing at the Michigan-based Rkive Cannabis Reserve. “We needed a better jar solution that could increase the freshness and shelf life.”

Since utilizing the Pop-Vac technology, Cassel witnessed significantly positive changes in those areas that are incredibly crucial for proper cannabis concentrate storage. “We’ve had a noticeable increase in the freshness and shelf stability of our rosin. Anyone who’s interested in keeping their terp profile intact would benefit from Pop-Vac,” he says.

Trust the Experts

IV Thought Products & Design Corp. boasts a wealth of expertise in the cannabis packaging and small electronics domains, bringing together seasoned professionals with a combined experience of 50 years. They offer global product development and manufacturing services and have a proven track record that spans various industries, including medical, textiles, military and machine automation. With an impressive network of over 40 factories worldwide, IV Thought possesses extensive global reach and a diverse portfolio.

In the dynamic and burgeoning cannabis industry, IV Thought has firmly established itself by collaborating with industry leaders and producers such as 710 Labs and Dab Rite by SoCal Dab Tools. Additionally, they are the parent company behind the successful cannabis concentrate accessory brand Sum Supplies.

Recognizing that many consumers in the US cannabis industry are true connoisseurs themselves, IV Thought understands the significant impact preserving the aroma and taste of cannabis. That’s why Pop-Vac products have been specifically designed to preserve both the terpenes and potency of the concentrate.

With these innovative Pop-Vac products, a potential revolution in how cannabis concentrates are packaged is on the horizon. The future of cannabis storage and consumption could be forever changed with these advancements, enhancing the overall user experience.

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