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710 Playlist: Make Way for the Concentrates

A woman places cannabis concentrate onto a nail from a container on an oil slick. The numer "710" overlays the image.

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710 Playlist: Make Way for the Concentrates

The social smoke session is a powerful unifier and now cannabis enthusiasts have a holiday beyond 420 to celebrate. Think of 710 as 420, only concentrated. Chosen because 710 reads “OIL” upside down, this day on the calendar represents a broader love of the cannabis plant and all it provides. Like any true urban movement, the origins of 710 are already shrouded in legend, but search for traces and you might find Taskrok, the innovative leader of Highly Educated, somewhere near the helm. Starting with its titanium nail, Highly Educated has been at the forefront of movement to create better smoking devices for concentrates since its founding in 2010.

As the movement grows, so does the message. Whether you are celebrating solo or gearing up for the concentrate extravaganza that is taking place at the Chalice Cup, these five songs will help keep the dabbing groove going for days to come. Members of the 710 squad, unite – today is your day to puff tuff.

“Hits from the Nail” – Task and Linus

Let Taskrok tell you like it is in this instant dabbing classic, a rift off of Cypress Hill’s 420 must-have “Hits from the Bong.” The 710 selection is excellent to get all dabbing celebrations started.

“Don’t get me wrong it’s not a new method, it’s still inhale, exhale, I’ll send you a nail in the mail,” Task raps.

“Dabatude” – Marlon Asher

Let the artist who brought the world the joys of Ganja Farmer, bring you an instant reggae go-to about dabbing. This selection is positive and fun. “It’s all about your dabatude, relax and free your mood,” Asher sings in between offering helpful tips about taking dabs, urging people to “seek medical help if you don’t feel propa.”


“Hashishin” – Mendo Dope

If you want to get deeper into the true growers’ game, listen to Mendo Dope’s “Hashishin.” The track features a sample of the voice of the legendary hashishin Frenchy Cannoli, explaining the origins of hash while rapper Old E guides us through a vernacular journey of solventless concentrates.  “There’s a snake in the middle of the grass and it’s made out of hash,” Old E says.

“Shatter” –  Berner and B-Real

Cyprus Hill’s own “Dr. Greenthumb” B-Real continues to define musical cannabis culture with the release of this song alongside Berner, a rapper closely linked to the crew of breeders that brought the world the Girl Scout Cookies strain. “We takin’ dabs like it don’t matter, I get you higher off that JetFuel, Paris shatter,” B-Real raps. These two aren’t kidding when they rap about their haul either, B-Real does indeed have a shop in Santa Ana with a ready supply of both strains alongside Berner’s Cherry Pie.

“Dab with Me” – Real One

The real life dabbing footage from this video is not to be missed. Real One has made a great jam to celebrate togetherness today. “Dab with me, dab with me, everybody in the whole world dab with me.”

What tunes are you listening to on 7/10? Let us know in the comments.

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