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First Marijuana-Infused Food Truck Hits the Streets

The owners of food trucks that sell "special" food products.


First Marijuana-Infused Food Truck Hits the Streets

There was a time when the stoned would only seek out a food truck after they had reached the bottom of a fat sack weed. However, now that marijuana is revered as a legitimate industry in Colorado and Washington, and marijuana-infused edibles have become the latest trend, it makes sense that high society would welcome something as groundbreaking as a mobile eatery serving cuisine made with cannabis oil.

During the U.S. Cannabis Cup in Denver, festival patrons had an opportunity to partake in the marijuana edible creations from a Seattle-based company called MagicalButter, which markets a contraption that extracts nutrients from cannabis for use in food and lotions. It was there that the company debuted their latest business venture, the Samich Truck (SAMICH is an acronym for Savory Accessible Marijuana Infused Culinary Happiness), which is essentially a 40-foot school bus that has been turned into a four-star cannabis kitchen.

“We wanted a mobile way to be able to bring our product to our customer’s doors, like different dispensaries or different restaurants,” said MagicalButter CEO Garyn Angel. “The best way to do that is a mobile kitchen and the best way to make a mobile kitchen is food truck. So, that’s how MagicalButter food truck was born.”

With trained chefs at the wheel, the Samich Truck menu encompasses THC packed cuisine that borrows from the old school stoner philosophy, while at the same time incorporating a certain level of maturity in their ingredients to cater to the cannabis-minded food snob.

“It’s upscale everyday food,” said Angel.

Some of their more popular items include: sunbutter and jelly, Vietnamese pork, BBQ pulled pork and tomato soup, all prepared with between 30-100 mg of THC.

All of the food is prepared using the MagicalButter MB2 cannabis-infusion machine, which Angel says is easy to use for home cooks as well as gourmet cannabis chefs. Although, he adds the machine has versatility, and is not just for making marijuana-infused food.

“Some people use it to make cannabutter. Some people use it to make basil butter or garlic butter,” said Angel.

The company plans to expand its business to include a whole fleet of Samich Trucks, so they can bring MagicalButter quality cuisine to the masses, which Angel says is offered sans cannabis in states where marijuana is not yet legal.

“We’re a group of chefs, so we make great food with or without cannabis,” he said.

What types of edibles would you like to learn how to make? Tell us in the comments below!

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