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Edibles Review: Kushy Punch

Photo courtesy Kushy Punch


Edibles Review: Kushy Punch

Crafted by professional confectionery chefs for superb quality and taste, Kushy Punch edibles are safe from harsh chemicals, potent, portable and all-natural.

For those more experienced with edibles, the gummy squares of the Kushy Punch might as well be yellow bricks in OZ – these candies are like a magical path towards imagination and inspiration.

There’s nothing bashful about these bite-sized gummy offerings. Sativa, indica or hybrid, they’re wrapped in bright, shimmery packaging with a clear message on the side: “Extra Strength 4X Dose.” While these medicated gummy candies may be no larger than a pat of butter, each contains 80 milligrams of THC. The candy is cut into four 20 milligram doses and inexperienced users are advised to eat just half of one of these squares.


These gummies smell like Bubblicious watermelon gum and taste like fruit punch, with cuts of cannabis extract, of course. The selections from Kushy Punch are extremely potent and fast-acting – these gummies are sweet squares of certain stoniness. Pow!

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