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Battle of the E-Rigs: The Future Is Flameless

Product Review: Battle of the E-Rigs

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Battle of the E-Rigs: The Future Is Flameless

Battle of the E-Rigs: The Future Is Flameless

We test-drove the Dr. Dabber SWITCH and the Puffco Peak and compared notes — read on for our verdict on two of the top e-rigs in the game.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH


We can’t help but say it: The party light function on this tabletop electric dab rig is pretty fun to watch. After taking two rosin hits on the SWITCH before noon, we thought the 25 different standby ambient-light settings on this next-generation electric bad boy got pretty dazzling, especially because the device’s highly potent smooth drags of vapor brought on an immediate stone.

Overall, the latest from the dabbing powerhouses at Dr. Dabber is an efficient and adaptable new dabbing tool. While it performs as both a dab rig and a vaporizer for cannabis flower, its basic construction — a glass water attachment with multiple channels of percolation — makes it more approachable for dabbing concentrates. The SWITCH uses an ascending colored light structure to let users choose which temperature gets the right melt on their concentrates. While we wish the lights easily matched to actual numbers, the temperature changing element means the SWITCH has the range to melt an array of dabs of different viscosities at the setting that’s best for each type. We recommend using lower temps for shatters and sauces to preserve the terps.

  • Dab tool and carb cap — This part of the unit is critical for scooping concentrate into the ceramic cup. When taking a hit, it’s important to cap the device at the end to get the fullest, most flavorful hit and to avoid burning off pricey and delicious concentrates unnecessarily.
  • Glass top — The glass top contains the unique vaporization element on the SWITCH, which is heated through induction. This means the heat comes from a magnetic field that’s creating electricity to heat the ceramic cup. (Worth noting: it’s the lights on this part of the machine that includes settings like “sweeping colors” and “spin-doctor slow.”)
  • Glass Percolator —Dr. Dabber has always had pretty stellar glass dab attachments. Without this element to cool the smoke, hits would not taste nearly as smooth.
  • LED Display — This area lets you adjust temperatures depending on what setting your concentrate melts best.

Puffco Peak


Dabbing gets significantly easier with the Puffco Peak. This handheld e-rig is easy to use and heats concentrates to some of the best hits we’ve tasted outside of quartz nails. This e-rig is a great small size (with dabs you don’t need as large of a chamber as a bong) and can deliver dragon-sized mouthfuls of smooth vapor. But because of its temperature precision, the Peak is also wonderful for taking low-temp baby dabs, if you simply want to savor the flavor of the terps.

The learning curve associated with setting this e-rig up is fairly short. Color-coded light heat settings go from 450 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. You place the concentrates in the ceramic bowl and set the carb cap on top while heating. When it vibrates, take a hit. The precision control on this unit makes it easy to preserve your stash, as tiny pieces of concentrates go a long way.

  • Glass attachment — The glass attachment is hand-blown and contributes significantly to the sleek industrial design look of this e-rig. The size is excellent in allowing the concentrates to express their full flavor through the lower volume of vapor.
  • Carb Cap — Carb caps work by creating suction between the rig’s electric heating element and the cap itself. This one is not only functional, but quite stylish. Placing the carp cap on through the heating up process is one element that makes the function of this e-rig unique.
  • Atomizer – The electric heating element on this unit includes a ceramic cup, which is great for delivering clean, delicious flavor. Make sure you clean the cup with a Q-tip after use to sop up any additional material.
  • Base – The base includes the single button you use to power the unit, select the appropriate temperature, heat the unit and even extend the hit by double tapping the button once the Peak has vibrated and is ready for use. Puffco calls this “sesh mode.”

TELL US, do you have a trusty e-rig of your own?

Originally published in Issue 33 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE

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