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Laurelcrest Brings Quality Innovation to CBD Wellness Industry



Laurelcrest Brings Quality Innovation to CBD Wellness Industry

If you’re seeking a reliable partner who can provide consistent, high-quality CBD solutions, look no further than family-owned Oregon-based manufacturer, Laurelcrest. From concept, to finished packaging Laurelcrest helps brands build memorable top-notch product lines.

As one of the world’s largest CBD suppliers, Laurelcrest creates superior,­­ quality bulk cannabinoids that can be used for a variety of products, such as CBD tinctures, edibles, topicals and vapes. Based in McMinnville, Oregon, the women and family-owned business has been providing the CBD and wellness industries with consistent, high-quality cannabinoid solutions for over 10 years now. Let’s take a closer look at just how this once-small operation has become a trusted a global leader in CBD manufacturing.

It started with two main ingredients: quality and consistency. Both are critical for long-term success. With these factors at the forefront of their cannabinoid formulations, Laurelcrest stands out among today’s sea of white-label CBD products. Whether you’re launching a new brand or enhancing an existing one, Laurelcrest can work with you to build a memorable custom product line. More than that, Laurelcrest’s team of experts can help upgrade your ability to deliver consistent products.

Quality You Can Count On

Laurelcrest exclusively sources industrial hemp from selected farms around the state of Oregon. Their facility in McMinnville, Oregon, houses the manufacturing of raw cannabinoid ingredients, custom blends and finished CBD products. Their entire operation is GMP-certified, with every ingredient manufactured in-house or vendor-qualified and third-party verified for processing and distribution. This makes them an ideal partner for conscious brands looking to adhere to strict quality control standards.

Understanding the importance of low, non-detectable THC in most CBD products, Laurelcrest has developed a proprietary method of THC remediation. This involves processing high THC products to lower content levels. This safe and effective strategy helps their bulk ingredients and custom white-label CBD products remain compliant with the stringent regulations that vary among many international clients.

Overall, Laurelcrest gauges success through customer trust and satisfaction. Providing competitive pricing and full traceability, Laurelcrest ensures the delivery of consistent, high-quality CBD, minor cannabinoids and finished white-label products worldwide.

Laurelcrest CBD Manufacturing
Laurelcrest will help you build a memorable custom product line.

Exceptional Service and Custom Formulations

When working with Laurelcrest, you have options when it comes to CBD manufacturing. Let’s review some of their top offerings.

1. Potent & Pure Bulk Ingredients

Consistent quality and competitive pricing have positioned Laurelcrest as one of the largest CBD suppliers in the market. Their wide variety of bulk ingredients makes them an ideal manufacturing company for brands looking to expand or further customize their product selection. These cannabinoid extractions and ingredients can be used for a variety of product formulations, such as CBD tinctures, edibles, topicals, capsules and vapes. Laurelcrest’s bulk ingredients for purchase include:

  • Broad Spectrum Oils (with no THC)
  • Full spectrum oils (Low THC percentage)
  • Isolates extractions
  • Alternative and minor cannabinoids
  • Water-soluble hemp ingredients

2. White Label Products

Whether you’re launching a new brand or enhancing an existing one, Laurelcrest provides a wide range of finished white-label products and solutions to help clients build noteworthy product lines. Browse from tinctures, gel caps, topicals and gummies infused with potent cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC, THCA or THCV.

3. Custom CBD Formulations & Product Manufacturing

As a full-service solutions provider, Laurelcrest’s experienced team can help bring your idea to life in as little as 6-8 weeks. Considering the extensive list of bulk ingredients and extractions manufactured in-house, the options are endless. There are cannabinoids, terpenes, water-soluble extracts, herbal extracts mushrooms and other adaptogens that can be infused and incorporated into a custom product line. Custom hemp-based wellness products manufactured from Laurelcrest include:

  • Tinctures
  • Gummies
  • Gel Caps
  • Topicals
  • Smokables
  • Beverages
  • Cosmetics
  • Pet Supplies

Laurelcrest has an experienced formulation team, supply chain specialists and knowledgeable sales representatives who all want to work with you to bring your product line to life—all the way from concept to finished packaging.

Laurelcrests’s Oregon facility houses the manufacturing of raw cannabinoid ingredients.

Building Trusting Client Partnerships

Laurelcrest has built trusting partnerships with over 2,000 CBD and wellness companies looking to scale up and diversify product lines. Ethical CBD brands appreciate Laurelcrest’s sustainable manufacturing practices. Compliance-oriented companies trust their cannabinoid formulations for reliability, consistency and product potency. For Laurelcrest, it’s more than just about the finished product—they care about the journey getting there.

No matter where you stand in the wellness industry, Laurelcrest is well-positioned to help you build your brand with years of industry experience and science on its side. 

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