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Strain Review: Canndescent Connect No. 407

Canndescent Connect Cannabis Now
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Strain Review: Canndescent Connect No. 407

This strain provides an uplifting body buzz with a mental high conducive to social settings.

The Golden State Warriors were up 61-53 against the Toronto Raptors at halftime, as the LA Dodgers tied up Game 2 of the World Series to send the game to extra innings, and the crowded sports bar in the Bay Area was filled with anxiety — in other words, it was a perfect time to head outside with a group of friends and spark up a jumbo joint of Canndescent’s Connect 407.

The uplifting strain smells of diesel and sour fruit, of leaves left to dry in the sun and citrus cleaners sprayed on wooden countertops. The 60-day cured bud was somewhat dry to the touch coming out of the jar, but after grinding it, the sticky crumbs rolled perfectly into a long cone joint using the rolling papers that come complimentary in the Canndescent box, along with hemp wick and matches. A dry pull of the joint tasted bright and earthy, and once the joint was sparked, the circle of smokers was soon happily pulling on the long-lasting joint, joking and laughing in the warm California night.

All of the strains under Canndescent’s “Connect” strain grouping are sativas or sativa-dominant hybrids intended for social and intimate situations, and Connect No. 407 fit the role nicely. Connect No. 407 gave a clear and balanced body high that helped ease and energize the spine and knees for a night of standing and dancing, and got the mind slightly high — just stimulating enough to let go of any social anxiety, but not so high as to enter the realm of racing thoughts and introspection.

This particular batch was tested at 27.32 percent THC, and a single joint passed between six friends provided enough bounty for the whole group to feel its effects. When asked what he thought of the strain, one friend nodded his head in approval and replied, “It certainly gets you high.”

After the joint was finished, and the jar returned to its snug home in the Canndescent box next to the rolling papers and the hemp wick, the sports bar felt less anxious and more full of comradery. The World Series game ended with one of the most exciting finishes in recent memory, and the Golden State Warriors went on to win their game with a rally in the final minutes to shut down the challenging Raptors. The six Canndescent Connect No. 407 partakers cheered merrily along with the rest of the bar as the games came to a close, before hugging each other in a warm goodbye and heading out home into the night, high and happy.

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