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Burn Clean with Hempwick

Bundles of Ital Hempwicks have been made available for cannabis consumers to burn their marijuana clean with Hempwicks.


Burn Clean with Hempwick

On a beach, among sounds of lapping waves, a soothing ocean breeze crosses the skin and a hempwick flame lights a bowl packed with the relaxing spiritual herb Lilikoi. Green, vegetative and citrusy, the ganja’s dominant myrcene terpene is also found in mangos and this weed tastes downright tropical. The elevated mood and uplifting feelings achieved by a deep inhale of the premium sungrown cannabis is made possible by the use of the I-Tal Hempwick.

Made from one of the most sustainable fibers on earth, the hemp twine results in thick, aromatic hits. A smoke session while passing the lit flame burning on the end of the wick feels both primal and communal. By lighting the pipe with the natural twine, only a clean flame touches the delicate orange hairs and green bud. The energetic sativa helps to elevate mood and the elimination of a standard lighter also negates the chance of inhaling any butane – a substance that can be harmful to one’s health.

The I-Tal stands up nicely against a passing breeze without going out and, once extinguished, smells like the memories of blowing out birthday candles and jack-o-lanterns on the front porch. Most importantly, the cannabis smoked with a hempwick tastes great – the flame burns at a lower temperature than a standard lighter preserving more of the flavor – and the twine burns away into nothingness, very unlike the mounds of disposable lighters clogging the world’s landfills.

For those seeking higher consciousness, the frequent use of cannabis can help chant down Babylon. Keep your smoke natural while you do it and free the herb with an I-Tal.

Do you use hemp twine when you smoke? Let us know in the comments.

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