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Bud Lover Blockbusters

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Bud Lover Blockbusters

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Bud Lover Blockbusters

A new year means a new batch of winter flicks to flick your joint to.

While fine-tuning those New Year’s resolutions, make sure you also schedule some time to blow off steam — in between all your newly scheduled gym visits, meditation sessions and general self-improvement activities of course.

After a nice smoke session, there’s nothing quite like a low-key theater day to press pause on life’s distractions. Check out these upcoming movies and try to find the perfect strain to accompany the experience.

Hidden Figures

Math nerds, American history buffs and space-race enthusiasts will enjoy this untold true story about a trio of African-American women who use their math skills in celestial navigation to help launch NASA’s first successful space mission — sending a human on an orbit around the Earth — amid the rampant racism and sexism of the 1960s. It’s a triumphant story based on true events and three incredible women who had a massive impact on aeronautical history.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Former “Sons of Anarchy” actor and proud cannabis smoker, Charlie Hunnam, stars as the film’s eponymous figure in this medieval story about a son who unwittingly discovers his royal lineage after pulling a sword from a stone. When Arthur goes on a voyage to avenge his parents’ murder and punish the man who stole his rightful crown, he learns just how much courage his newfound life requires. Fans of folklore, high fantasy dramas and action-packed epics will enjoy this mythic adventure directed by Guy Ritchie.

T2: Trainspotting

All four of the unforgettable characters from the original movie — Rent Boy, Sick Boy, Spud, and Franco — are reunited in this highly-anticipated sequel to the distinctly British Danny Boyle film that became an instant cult classic 20 years ago. The story picks up two decades later as a continuation of the beloved plot. The characters have aged a little, the scenarios have changed somewhat, but that familiar gritty Edinburgh drama still remains the same.

Power Rangers

To some, it might seem juvenile to be excited for what some consider a kids’ movie. But if you’re an adult of a certain age from a certain era, you understand why this piece of cinematic history is long overdue. The plot is pretty straightforward — a group of super-powered high schoolers need to combine their powers to defeat evil villains who are determined to destroy the world. It’s campy, ideal for watching while blazed and is a nice piece of nostalgia for the right crowd.

The Founder

This biographical drama follows salesman Ray Kroc, the McDonald brothers and the rise of the classic munchies fast-food empire McDonald’s. In the film, Kroc — known as a visionary with a natural knack for business — transforms the siblings’ small hamburger joint in Southern California into an international phenomenon after purchasing it in and turning it into a franchise. Catch Nick Offerman — comedian, weirdo and weed smoker — as Dick McDonald.

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