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Amazon Sends Florida Couple 65 Pounds of Pot

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Amazon Sends Florida Couple 65 Pounds of Pot

An Orlando couple thought they were getting empty storage bins, but instead they got a terrifying surprise.

The world’s largest e-commerce company, Amazon, accidentally shipped 65 pounds of cannabis to a Florida customer — and they don’t seem too happy about it.

The couple, who live in Orlando, were planning on moving some of their possessions into storage and thought to order storage bins off the web. Sounds pretty reasonable, right? But when the package containing the bins arrived, things got a bit weird. Most immediately, the couple noticed that the weight of the boxes in front of their house was abnormally.

At this point, the couple now thought they were dealing with the heaviest storage bins on the market, but hey, that sounds pretty sturdy. “They were extremely heavy, more heavy than you would think just ordering four empty bins,” the customer told ABC’s Orlando affiliate WFTV.

Upon opening the box, they were hit with the smell of marijuana. After a few layers of packing materials were removed, they discovered they were looking at 65 wrapped pounds of marijuana. They quickly hit up the police who sent an officer to investigate. “When the first officer got here she was in disbelief,” said the not-so-proud owner of 65 pounds, who did not give their name for fear of retribution.

Then, the officer confiscated the brick weed and went off to find the culprit. Police say they are still actively investigating, but no arrests have been made.

While the investigation began, the folks who’d received the pot were fairly freaked out. They grabbed their go bags and got out of town like any true red-blooded Americans who thought the cartel was on their tail would do.

“We were still pretty fearful our home would be broken into and we didn’t sleep there for a few days,” said the recipient, according to WFTV.

After it seemed like the threat had passed, the back-and-forth with Amazon began. Over the course of a month, they demanded an apology and answers from Amazon via email. They say they never had the opportunity to speak with a supervisor. After all this, they received a gift card with $150 Amazon bucks on it to soothe the emotional sting of their days on the run.

“I mean there was no concern for a customer’s safety,” said the recipient. “I mean this could have turned into worst case scenario.”

The Florida woman is absolutely right. Take the case of former Berwyn Heights, Maryland Mayor Cheye Calvo. In July of 2008, Calvo made headlines across the country when the local sheriff’s department kicked his door in, shot his two Labrador dogs and then zip-tied him and his mother-in-law, who was facedown on the ground.

Police said that they had intercepted a package of cannabis addressed to Calvo’s wife. Instead of actually investigating their suspect, they decided to go for a no-knock raid of questionable legality. Calvos says he didn’t have anything to do with the drug trade, and that his family fell victim to a ring of pot smugglers that would ship their contraband to particular addresses on FedEx routes in Calvo’s area of Maryland, wait until the package was delivered to a doorstep and then someone would run up on the porch and grab it. In Calvo’s case, the police had intercepted the package from FedEx and placed it themselves as bait on Calvo’s front doorstep, while he was out walking his dogs.

While in the end the Calvo family was exonerated of suspicion and received an undisclosed settlement from the county over the actions of law enforcement — actions which law enforcement are still quick to defend — they’ll still never be able to replace those loving black Labradors.

Had the folks in Florida found themselves in a situation similar to Calvo, things could have gotten ugly. First off, the Florida couple doesn’t have that whole “I’m the mayor” thing in their corner. Second, Florida has extremely draconian pot laws. Any person who is knowingly in active or constructive possession — which the couple would have had to prove they were not — of between 25 to 2,000 pounds of cannabis could face a felony punishable by a mandatory minimum sentence of three years imprisonment and a maximum sentence of 15 years imprisonment, plus a fine.

TELL US, what would you do if you got 65 lbs of marijuana delivered to you?

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