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7 Cannabis-Infused Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

Valentines Chocolate
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7 Cannabis-Infused Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

Head to a dispensary and purchase these cannabis chocolates for your Valentine, who hopefully will be kind enough to give you a bite.

Nothing screams Valentine’s Day quite like chocolates for your sweetie. It’s an easy gift that can bring instant happiness to any dessert lover looking for a sweet treat to brighten up this day of love and romance. Add a little cannabis and you’ve got a winning combination guaranteed to set the mood right.

1) Oara CBD Probiotic Chocolate Thins

This brand offers both THC or CBD-dominant dark chocolates that are gluten-free, GMO-free and made with probiotics to promote gut health and encourage better digestion. Choose from dark chocolate, almond sea salt chocolate or mint cacao nib dark chocolate all at 5 mg THC or dark chocolate, coconut dark chocolate, lavender and sea salt dark chocolate all at 8 mg CBD to THC.

2) Defonce Chocolate

Defonce Cannabis Now Magazine

Each bar is 90 mg of THC but can be broken into convenient, little 5 mg pieces to snack on before, during or after a date or an outing where you don’t want to be super high. Made with sun-grown cannabis, there are options for people who might not want traditional chocolate flavors like matcha and vanilla, along with some classics like hazelnut, coffee and extra dark chocolate.

3) Lord Jones Dark Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramels

With just a few, simple ingredients, these delicious salted caramels are draped in luscious Ecuadorian dark chocolate and come beautifully packaged in a fancy box suited for this special occasion. Choose from 5 mg or 10 mg THC chocolates made with California-grown cannabis extract.

4) Kiva Chocolate Bar

A Kiva edible chocolate bar sits outside of its box.

There’s a milk or dark chocolate flavored bar to suit the palate of every kind of dessert lover on Kiva’s menu, which includes cannabis bars with flavors from ginger and vanilla chai to mint Irish cream to tangerine. Crafted by experienced chocolatiers, each bar is made with a blend of sativa and indica strains and lab-tested to ensure quality and standardized dosage amounts.

5) Ardent Raw Chocolate Truffles

Get this organic, vegan, raw dessert for the dairy-free friend or lover in your life that still wants indulge in something rich and sweet for V-day. Every package comes with three truffles with 15 mg THC each, in flavors like spicy almond rocher, Turkish coffee, toasted coconut, cocoa nibs, maple and pumpkin spice.

6) Baceae Turtles

People who like a little bit of texture with their chocolate will enjoy these turtles made with raw pecans and a date filling, covered with dark chocolate. Made with indica strains, these 10 mg chocolates a nice end-of-the-night dessert to put a cherry on top of a romantic date.

7) Om Edible’s Raw Sipping Cacao

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This award-winning, CBD treat is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that can turn a regular glass of milk (or almond milk) into a tasty and healthy treat. It can also be eaten with fruit in place of peanut butter, spread on toast or a croissant for breakfast or as a dollop along with some ice cream.

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