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Om Edibles: Feel-Good Feminine Medicine

Photos By Gracie Malley


Om Edibles: Feel-Good Feminine Medicine

Om Edibles™ is an all-female run collective dedicated to providing the highest quality of Medical Cannabis products to legal patients in California.

Decadent and delicious, a tablespoon of raw sipping cacao from Om Edibles offers a chance to step away from the hectic pace of modern life. Filled with CBD harvested from whole, organic ACDC buds infused in coconut oil paired alongside raw cacao, the award-winning cannabis cup edible comes by way of an all-female cannabis collective based in Northern California.

Headed by Maya, a woman who exudes her warmhearted, healing approach towards life both in person and through images posted on Instagram, Om specializes in edibles, topicals and tinctures.

“We care about making the highest-quality medicine that we can,” she says. “We combine superfoods and other healing ingredients to put cannabis back in the healing herb family where it really belongs.”

The sipping cacao can be eaten by the spoonful, placed on fruit or toast or whisked along with milk or coconut water into a soothing warm cup of bliss.


Raw cacao, as it turns out, contains the endogenous cannabinoid anandamide – a messenger molecule only discovered 1996 that’s responsible for producing the “high” one feels after a work out. Cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, bind to the same cell receptors as anandamide and all have shown to play a role in pain, depression, appetite and memory.

“It’s the future of edibles trying to make medicine, medicine,” Maya says, “Showing people that you don’t have to sacrifice flavor and deliciousness and indulgence for health.”

Om also crafts a line of soothing bath salts, which take a holistic approach to healing by combining the beneficial attributes of ingredients such as salt that pulls toxins from the body coupled with aromatherapy and a full-spectrum of cannabinoids. In addition, the oils used in the soaks contain a blend of healing properties.

“Apricot kernel oil has vitamin B17, which has been killing cancer cells as long as cannabis,” Maya says.

The women in the collective grow the vast majority of the cannabis behind the edible and topical line.

“All the cannabis that’s used in Om Edibles is organic, full-sun, female-grown cannabis,” Maya says.

The collective has also created its own strain series, called the Ladies Line, through a partnership with Bay Area growers that brought the world the Girl Scout Cookies strain phenomenon.  Each selection – Pink Panties, Sherbet and Cherry Pie – is crossed with a Cookies strain.

Being in an industry that dominated by males, Maya is often asked what made her begin an all-female collective in the first place.

“I love when people ask us this because I get to clear the air,” she says. “We’re definitely not fema-Nazis in any way, we’re not lesbians even though we have lots of lesbian friends. We are total man-lovers, we just happen to be a core group of really good female friends that have always been super passionate about cannabis and compassion and we share the same views on cannabis, so we work together extremely well.”

The love put into Om Edible’s products shows in the end results, such as the CBD raw sipping cacao.

“This is a preventative, an indulgence a delicious treat no matter what, it just happens to be a miraculous superfood,” Maya says. “CBD can be sexy, too.”

What are some of your favorite edibles? Tell us in the comments.

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