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5 Hemp Products for Self-Care



5 Hemp Products for Self-Care

Here are some top picks of the best hemp-based products for regenerative relaxation — because you deserve to be pampered.

The latest craze of CBD-infused and hemp-based beauty and self-care products are hitting the streets (and even the shelves of Nordstrom) en masse these days. From bath bombs to crystal-charged elixirs, we’ve created a list of some of our favorite products to help you with a little self-love.

1. Cannasmack Luxe Hydrating Cleansing Oil & Soap-Free Body Wash

$20 each /

Start your self-care journey by cleaning up! Cannasmack’s hydrating cleansing oil is not only paraben-, sulfate-, and phosphate-free, but it also battles the difficult task of cleaning skin without drying it out. In fact, this cleansing oil might even be best for people with dry skin, as it left quite a good amount of oil on the skin. Its ingredients consist of various oils including hemp seed oil, argan oil, and rosehip oil, all of which claim to promote skin hydration, reduce acne, and even potentially alleviate skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Both the cleansing oil and the body wash from Cannasmack are soap-free, which might sound contradictory, but surprisingly works as a combination that is both effective and nourishing. The secret to this was the fact that the body wash won’t lather up, as it mostly contains oil-based ingredients, which includes the vitamin-rich moringa oil. All skin types are compatible with this body wash.

2. Life Flower Herbal Bliss Bath Crystals

$40 /

Perhaps you need more than a clean — you need a soak! The perfect before-bed bath treat, these bath crystals contain 500 mg of hemp-derived CBD and are chock-full of delicious-smelling lavender and eucalyptus essential oils, which open airways and improve deep breathing. This handcrafted bath treat contains Himalayan sea salt and Epsom salt to soothe muscles, and Life Flower has even taken the extra step of infusing the salts with rose quartz, following the hype of crystal proponents who claim the mineral will enhance and amplify the healing vibrations within the tub. Regardless of whether or not the rose quartz enhances the experience, bathers will feel pampered as they admire flower petals floating in the water, but should be warned: This relaxing experience requires some significant clean-up afterwards.

3. Leef Organic’s Nooks and Crannies Soap

$22 /

Hand-crafted, organic, cruelty-free soap made by Leef Organics has all the added benefits of a premium CBD-infused soap and is gentle enough for sensitive skin types. Your skin is your largest organ, covered in pores that absorb the products you put on it, and it’s evident how seriously Leef Organics took that idea when creating their products. Plus, the soap even comes in plantable packaging, which when cared for will grow into organic/non-GMO tomatoes. Talk about a package deal! 

4. Grön Face Masks

$40-$50 /

Grön’s CBD-infused products are not actually derived from the cannabis plant, which originally gave us pause. That’s because Grön is one of a handful of companies synthesizing CBD from evergreen tree bark and lemon peels, combined and placed under high heat and pressure to create an odorless CBD molecule. When combined with cocoa butter and essential oils to produce rejuvenating and moisturizing face masks, the result is a product that could be comforting for someone interested in CBD, but still wary of hemp and willing to risk an experience with synthetic cannabinoids in the process.  

5. DRAM Adaptogenic Drops

$14 /

Adaptogenics are natural supplements that assist the body with adapting to various stressors, and these adaptogenics from DRAM now come in flavored tinctures — gingergrass, lemongrass and sweetgrass — that you can add to anything, from adult beverages to tap water, as a happy little addition. Each flavor has a distinct blend of herbs with a correlating goal that ranges from immunity boosters to better stress management. Each 2 oz bottle contains 300 mg of Colorado-grown CBD and is the perfect accompaniment to any drink that needs a little extra kick.

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This article was originally published in HEMP.

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