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Your Daily Dose of CBD is About to Taste a Lot Better Thanks to Vaere’s CBD Active Wellness Drink

Vaere CBD Active Wellness Drink
Photos courtesy of Vaere


Your Daily Dose of CBD is About to Taste a Lot Better Thanks to Vaere’s CBD Active Wellness Drink

There’s a new way to get your daily dose of CBD that is both effective and delicious.

As more and more CBD products flood the market, consuming your daily dose of cannabidiol has never been easier. Sure, the health benefits of CBD are well documented, but most of the products are not particularly palatable.

That’s something Vaere is helping to change with its new CBD Active Wellness Drink.

Vaere was developed for people that value wellness and performance, and also like their daily dose of CBD to actually taste good. The founders were tired of picking through generic and unappetizing  CBD products, so they created Vaere in two refreshing, delicious flavors: Peach Mango and Acai Berry.

Vaere CBD Active Wellness Drink is a completely plant-based drink with natural electrolytes, adaptogens like Ashwagandha and goji berries, and terpenes. The drinks are perfect for those who want an extra boost their active lifestyles. This added boost comes from natural electrolytes blended with aloe vera, pink Himalayan salt and nopal — a combination that promotes effective hydration.

Along with being natural, the ingredients in Vaere contain no artificial flavors, no synthetic electrolytes and, unlike so many other prominent electrolyte beverages, no artificial sugars. But how do they make it taste so good without artificial sugar? Vaere utilizes plant-based sugars at only 2-3g of sugar per bottle.

Each bottle contains 15mg hemp-derived CBD, perfect for aiding with post-workout muscle recovery thanks to its proven anti-inflammatory properties. This carefully measured dose also helps with general mental clarity and performance thanks to the added cannabinoids and terpenes for an all-day active oriented consumption

You might know what cannabinoids are, but what exactly are terpenes? These are the compounds responsible for the fragrance, taste and effects of different cannabis strains. Terpenes are also recognized by the FDA as food-safe additives. In fact, according to Steep Hill Labs, “Terpenes make up the majority of components in flavoring agents in food, candy and perfume.”

There are two added terpenes found in Vaere’s CBD drink, both selected for their specific, active wellness properties. The first is limonene (found in the peel of citrus fruits) that helps to elevate moods and energy. The second is alpha-pinene (found in other herbs like basil and pine) which helps to boost alertness, cognitive function and euphoria.

Vaere is an innovative introduction to the beverage market. The CBD Active Wellness Drink will help you hydrate, refuel, and recharge to keep up with your active lifestyles. It’s a cleaner, tastier option for an active wellness beverage that hyper-focuses on the key aspects of effective hydration — all with the added benefits of a healthy, balanced dose of CBD, terpenes and plant-based ingredients, just as nature intended.

Most important of all: It tastes great.

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