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Strain Review: Grape Inferno

Grape Inferno has a rich, hashy background taste that captivates from the first pull.


Strain Review: Grape Inferno

Photos by Phototron_420

Strain Review: Grape Inferno

This highly aromatic Grape Inferno is a cross of a very uncommon Nepali OG combined with Querkle, the combination of which produces undertones of Space Queen.

The overall smell is of hash mingled with berries and cherries. Grape Inferno has a rich, hashy background taste that captivates from the first pull. At the forefront are grape and berry flavors, but a number of tasty undertones develop from there – cherry combined with earthy and hashy features and a hint of vanilla. It is a truly full experience of the taste spectrum.

Grape Inferno can be successfully grown indoor and outdoor, preferably in super soil. Mostly Nepali dominant, it has a deep hash flavor derived from that region and a hint of grape taste from its Querkle lineage. The strain also presents with incredible purple colors when properly grown. It has a medium to tall stretch and likes to be topped multiple times to form an even canopy. Grape Inferno also produces rock hard buds, whether cultivated outdoors or in light dep grows, and for that reason can provide great, weighty yields.

Grape Inferno Cannabis Now Magazine

The high is calming yet still extremely potent, producing an exceptionally deep and meditative buzz. It’s actually surprising how potent the hash aspect is, requiring just a couple of tokes to achieve inferno nirvana. The well-rounded flavors keep you taking hit after hit until you’re nicely toasted.

Breeder: TGA’s NorStar Genetics

Grown by: Galactic Gardens

Hybrid: Nepali OG X Querkle

Indica Dominant: 30-70

Flowering: 8-9 Weeks

Yield: Dense buds lend to the weight of this strain – and the hash returns are staggering!

Review by TGA Seeds

Originally published in issue 17 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE

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