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Strain Review: Canndescent Connect 410

Connect 410 Cannabis Now
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Strain Review: Canndescent Connect 410

Canndescent offers strains catered to their effects.

Cannabis can be a great way to connect with others around you. Sharing a smoke with someone is an intimate experience that breaks down barriers. That’s exactly the effect the makers of Candescent are hoping for with the strain Connect 410.

Rather than focusing on strain names, Canndescent offers flowers with names chosen to display how the cannabis will make you feel. The Connect, according to Canndescent, “elevates the mind and warms the body creating focused thoughts and gentleness making it ideal for massage and meditation.”

The Connect 410 has a vegetal fragrance similar to a loose leaf tea. The dense nugs are interspersed with orange hairs and covered in trichomes. The high from this strain is indeed mellow, making it perfect for winding down in the evening or calming the nerves after a hard day at work.

Canndescent also comes packaged with jumbo rolling papers, a hemp wick and matches in a convenient orange box. The box makes it easy to take these strains from place to place and share them with others, you won’t need anything else to enjoy the flower except what comes inside. Within the jar itself there is also a small humidity pack that helps to keep the buds fresh. The fact that you can store the clear jar within the box also helps protect the buds from drying due to exposure from heat and sunlight.

Those looking for a soothing smoke might want to give Connect 410 a try.

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