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Six Spectacular Strains for 420

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Six Spectacular Strains for 420

Let’s keep it simple: it’s 4/20, so you do need some herb — but do you need the best herb?

If you answered “yes,” then here’s six contenders for the best of the best.

Dosidos – Dark Heart Nursery

The Cookie fam’s hype member of the moment — the wildly popular Dosidos — has been made widely available to some of the best growers out there, thanks to the efforts Dark Heart Nursery. While the genetic line’s genesis happened across the bay in San Francisco, this Oakland offering is being cultivated at elite levels by NorCal Cultivators.

Dosidos has a more a bit more chipperness to it than its cookie cousins, but still has a reasonable body high. In the right hands, the final product can be pretty gassy and attack the sinuses.

Gello – Mr. Sherbinski

Along with the Mochi, Gello is hands down the most developed line of the Gelato family of genetics. While out in the wild, you’ll see numbers getting tossed around behind the name — most of those are a result of lucky bag seed from earlier, less stabilized version of Gelato.

Mochi and Gello are the two phenotypes that have been developed by Mr. Sherbinski himself for years. You can read the full story of Gelato in Cannabis Now Magazine Issue 25, and you can listen to the audio interview online now!

Limoncello – Harry Resin

Speaking of wacky Gelato crosses, we have to admit Limoncello is insane. Bred by long-time Amsterdam cultivator and recent Cali transplant, Harry Resin.

The lemon flavor over the dankness of the Thin Mint Cookie x Sunset Sherbert is something to behold. The blast of limonene makes it the most cerebral of its cookie cousins.

Rosa – Third Generation Family

While extremely rare in the wild, if you can get your hands on some it will be worth whatever lengths you went to in acquiring it.

A product of Third Generation Family and Dying Breed Seeds, Rosa is a member of the Zkittlez family, the genetic line that swept every major west coast cannabis competition last year. Nobody dared enter against Zkittlez at the Mendocino Secret Cup, which it won unopposed. Then The Dookie Bros used a cut of it to take home both The Golden Tarp light deprivation award and The Emerald Cup.

According to an Instagram live feed by the chief breeder, Rosa is a unique phenotype of Zkittlez that was found during a 60-plant propagation project.

Watermelon (Coachella Phenotype) – Nameless Genetics

Providing the hype at this year’s Weedmaps Coachella Green Oasis, Nameless Genetics Watermelon was a smash hit with the A-list crowd, which included the likes of Action Bronson, The Alchemist, Xzibit — who provided Jimi Devine with two Backwoods — and a Kardashian.

Watermelon is from the Big Queso line many cultivators would love to get their hands on. The upbeat high kept the party going well into the wee hours of the morning.

Strawnana Live Resin Budder – Critical 710

Various incarnations of Strawberry Banana extracts have podiumed at cups and sesh events across Americaa over the last year. Critical 710’s version is a fantastic representation of why that has been happening.

While their live resins in particular tend to be on the finer end of the spectrum, the batch that has been floating around this April has been insane. For most folks out there, you’d be hard pressed to find something with a higher impact terpene profile when it comes to the sweetness. After you exhale it feels like you just rolled a strawberry laffy taffy around your mouth.

The is one of the more available items on our hype list, but that doesn’t take anything away from how special it is.

TELL US, what’s your top strain or concentrate for 420?

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