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Editor’s Note By Ellen Holland p.10
Letters / Contest p.15
High Note p.136


The Sherbinski Sitdown: Two connoisseur Cookies strains come together to create one of the most celebrated phenos of modern day marijuana breeding. By Jimi Devine p.34
Bolder Business Strategies: How two young entrepreneurs navigated stringent state regulations and built their brand. By Julia Clark-Riddell  p.56 
Left Behind By Clemency: What’s beef? Beef is when a rap video means the difference between a four-year sentence and 20 to life as a “cannabis kingpin.” By Chris Roberts p.78
Pinkleberry: Growing luscious outdoor cannabis from seed at Green Source Gardens. By Caitlin Podiak p.84


Dear Dabby: Stoner comedian, MC and writer Ngaio Bealum offers advice on the ideal methods for grinding and getting down. By Ngaio Bealum p.18
Q&A with Beats Antique: Experimental musical group discusses investigating CBD and how marijuana factors into their creative process. By Max Savage Levenson p.22
Devastated: Cannabis Industry Remembers Franco Loja: Cannabis Now remembers the passions of a master breeder and Strain Hunter. By Jimi Devine p.24
Abstract Expression: Scott Moan drifts away from patterned pieces with beautiful, opaque jawbreaker creations. By Jimi Devine  p.26
Snoop & Martha – Best Buds: How an unlikely friendship budded into TV magic. By Greg Zeman p.52
Can I Touch the Buds?: A dispensary etiquette and buying guide for doob noobs. By K. Astre p.112
Reefer’s Closet: One of our favorite vbloggers hand selects fresh cannabis inspired clothing and accessories. By Coral Reefer


Filling the Coffers with Cannabis Cash: Some communities are cashing in on medical marijuana and raking in millions. By Susan Cohen p.49
Legalization in Trump’s America: With an aggressive executive branch openly defying constitutional checks on its authority and installing noted prohibitionists in key positions, will the Trump administration make America raid again? By Greg Zeman p.100
Hawaii Cannabis Patients are Feeling the Love — Let’s Count the Ways: Hawaii’s cannabis patients have a handful of reasons to feel warm and fuzzy this spring. By Mitchell Colbert p.100


Move Over Marijuana, Hemp had a Good Year Too: More states than ever are opening up to industrial hemp. By Mona Zhang p.41
Lighting Up With Emerald Mountain: Oregon photographer takes vivid cannabis photographs by paying close attention to his environment. By Greg Zeman p.64 
OG Heaven is a Place on Earth: Northern Emeralds offers two premium takes on the classic kush. By Ellen Holland p.73
Mean Gene: With a lifetime of knowledge and a genetic archive reaching back decades, the award-winning Mendocino breeder spreads the foundational flavors of cannabis seed by seed. By Greg Zeman p.103 
Becoming a Marijuana Farmer: Growing cannabis for the first time can alter a relationship with the plant. By Ricardo Baca p.107
Growing Cannabis Organically: Regenerative farming literally feeds the earth. By Dave Carpenter p.116


Cannabis Pet Meds: The Next Frontier in Veterinary MedicineThe future of cannabis medicine includes the way we care for our domestic animals. By Susan Cohen p.28
Dabbing Do’s and Don’ts: Advice to ensure a superior sesh. By Laura Notini p.30
Cannabis for Cancer: Marijuana has long been known to ease certain cancer symptoms and alleviate the painful side effects of pharmaceutical cancer treatments. By Sara Payan p.96
Print Your Own Paraphernalia: 3-D printed bongs and accoutrement attract hobbyists and startups. By Ellen Holland p.66
Cannabis for the Clinic: Nurses and healthcare professionals are learning more about how marijuana works as a medicine through the ACNA. By Alice O’Leary-Randall p.98


Flower Lover’s Product Guide p.121
Book – Cannabis Saved My Life : A collection of profiles highlights people who have changed their lives through the healing powers of medical marijuana. Reviewed by K. Astre p.124
Dispensary Profile – Verde Natural: Colorado provider grows quality cannabis with soil and selectivity. By Oscar Pascual p.130
Recipe – Poke: Sample this trendy Hawaiian dish with our cannabis-infused recipe. By Laurie and Maryjane p.132

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