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Session Goods Want to Make the Most of Your Next Session

Session Goods
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Session Goods Want to Make the Most of Your Next Session

Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy your next session with the Session Bong and the newly released Session Pipe from Session Goods.

It’s the little things in life that can make a big difference — especially during those times when you’re elevating. That’s why Session Goods strives to design and create smokeware products that help you make the most out of every session by focusing on the little things.

What happens when four designers get together, get high and start talking about design and the changing world of cannabis? They realize an opportunity to create well-designed smoking accessories that matched the shifting stigma, style and sensibilities of today’s modern stoner.

Wild swirling colors, a series of complicated percolators or cold beaker like shapes still following the stereotypical psychedelic and scientific aesthetics of the past. Why isn’t there any glassware with the same thought, design and care that most of the products in their lives had?

Session Goods was created to address that shift in today’s maturing cannabis scene. They designed a bong that their moms would be proud to smoke out of… something simple, beautiful, and approachable in both ease of use and price.  

Session Bong

Equal parts beautiful, functional and simple, the Session Bong makes it even easier to sit down and enjoy your next session. From the tapered form and angled mouthpiece to the way it feels in your hands, the Session Bong was designed to seamlessly fit into your lifestyle and make smoking a blissful experience. 

Extra attention was paid to the materials used to craft the device. The bong, bowl, and downstem are made of 4mm thick borosilicate glass, making it very hard to break. You can instantly feel the quality and careful thought that went into producing this piece when you pick it up. It’s like how a finely foraged wine glass rests poised to deliver you the perfect sip, this bong sets you up to take the perfect hit. 

There is a silicone footer that indicates the waterline and also protects the glass. As accidents can happen, they provided an extra grommet, bowl, and downstem with each Session Bong so you never have to worry about interrupting your relaxation ritual. 

With a focus on making modern, beautiful and functional smoking accessories that become an integral part of your routine, Session Goods made sure the Session Bong can be personalized with interchangeable colored silicone accessories, available in four colors. This way your personal style can be just as represented in your smoke ware as it is in any of your housewares or personal accessorizing. 

Session Pipe

The latest product in Session’s smokeware lineup is the Session Pipe. The handheld pipe was created using the same design principles as the Session Bong — functionality, simplicity and beauty — to make for a product you’ll want to use every day and anywhere you go. 

Being made of smoked black borosilicate glass, the Session Pipe is sleek and discreet. Its durability is upped by the custom designed silicone sleeve, also available in their four colors. This protective sleeve doesn’t draw unnecessary attention, meaning you can feel comfortable with it hanging from a belt loop or bag, using the included steel key ring. The sleeve lets you pack a bowl to take with you, so you can take your session with you anywhere you go. The Session Pipe is compact, classy and portable.

Session Goods took its name from that period of time dedicated to a specific activity — one particular kind of session in this case — and that inspiration extends to its mission of making laid-back moments with smiling eyes and relieving sighs. Whether at home or on the go, Session Goods’ products will help you achieve the best smoking ritual possible, be it solo or with others. Time to sit back, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy. 

TELL US, what do you think makes the perfect session? 

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