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Editor’s Note p.07
Putting Marijuana to Work: How Marijuana Will Sustainably Improve the American Economy By David Abernathy p.14
Political Update By Roger Maple p.16
The Undergreen Railroad: Prohibition State Refugees Fund Escapes By Lindsey Rinehart p.20
Prisoners of War By Kitty Miller and Kristen Flor p.23
Big Cannabusiness: Reconciling the Recreational Boom and the Medical Marketplace By Bill Weinberg p.28
From Outlaw to CEO: How Distributors Shaped the Modern Cannabis Market By Rick Pfrommer p.32
Making History: Purchasing Legal Marijuana in Denver on New Year’s Day By Errin Reaume p.34
Leaving the Straight World for a Pioneering Place in the Cannabis Industry By John Veit p.38
Gambling to Compete: Washington State Uses Lottery for Retail Cannabis Licenses By Lauren Payne p.40
Sell High with Cannabis Stocks By Alex Hirsch p.44
Investing in the Future: The Cannabis Now Interview with Christian Groh of Privateer Holdings p.46
Riding High Profits on the Colorado Slopes By Jessica Catalano p.51
On-Site Consumption: When Will Marijuana Be Allowed to Compete with Alcohol? By Amber Noel p.54
Lounges and Limos By Ellen Holland p.57
Dispensary Profile: Buds & Roses Collective p.59
Booms & Busts: Gutting and Rebuilding the Los Angeles Cannabis Industry By Angela Bacca p.62
How to Make Money Growing Marijuana by Gloria Gardener p.70
Exporting Weed: Why California Growers Say Shipping Weed to the East Is the Only Way to Make Money By Helen Jane Evans p.76
Importing Weed: Small Time Profits Selling West Coast Marijuana in the East By Rae Lland p.78
Return of the Industrial Hemp Industry
Shaping the New Hemp Economy By Angela Bacca p.80
Hemp Plastics Could Save the Economy While Saving the Planet By Angela Bacca p.84
The Future of the Hemp Marketplace By Adam Wong p.88
Regulations Tighten North of the Border By Chuck Lenatti p.93
Bud Gallery By Otherside Farms p.96
Film Review: Dallas Buyers Club p.102
Book Review: Joint Ventures p.102
Strain Review: Veganic Tangie p.103
Product Spotlight: Kiva Chocolates, Elevated Concepts Lighter Buddy, Purr Glass 10mm Pocket Sherlock, Cannabis Energy Drink, Trim Station, Dr. Dabber p.104-105
Family Friendly Medibles By Brandon Krenzler and “Brave” Mykayla Comstock p.106

Cannabis Now is a group of individuals passionate about the topic of cannabis and the debate surrounding it.

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