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Product Review: Vaporous

Photo courtesy of Vaporous


Product Review: Vaporous

Incredibly customizable in terms of its various components, the Vaporous is a stealth enthusiast’s Swiss army vape.

One of the best aspects of the ever widening world of vape pens is having a vast array of options. With members of the “green” and “green” light vape scene always searching for the next perfect puff, Vaporous makes sure you have plenty of choices. The J Pen Pro-Kit Series, when coupled with the additional Deep Dish atomizer set, offers an array of vaporizing coil choices  – ceramic, quartz and silica. Samples of Headband crumble effortlessly melt away in the chamber and provide a solid smoke though the Vaporous’ glass chamber. Vaporous Technologies says this chamber, unique to their line of vape pens, helps to ensure no concentrate is spilled or wasted.

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This article is sponsored by Vaporous, which offers an array of vaporizers for concentrates with a flower vape in the works.

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