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Video Review: Trim Pal


Video Review: Trim Pal

There are many ways to approach the art of trimming which vary in work input and quality output. Trimming by hand usually produces the best results in quality but isn’t cost-effective when it comes to large crops. Most connoisseurs can easily spot a bud that has been trimmed by machine by the way it was handled through the cutting. The TrimPal Dry Trimmer provides a unique approach to this unavoidable aspect of cultivation through a process known as “dry trimming.”

Whereas most automated machine trimmers process flowers before they have begun the drying sequence, TrimPal requires the plants to be dried completely before processing. By pulling the leaves off when they are dry, rather than chopping them off while wet, the buds are left intact and without bruises. Leaving the leaves on through the curing process also seems to provide a better quality product.

The TrimPal machine requires minimal maintenance and doesn’t have nearly the cleaning liability that comes with wet-trimming. It can process an average of 4 pounds in an hour. It seemed to do about 80-90 percent of the workload but still required a bit of physical labor in preparations and post cosmetics. It seems like it’s best fit for large, outdoor buds.

Click here to purchase/ $3,700 – $4,700

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