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Product Review: Purr2go

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Product Review: Purr2go

This piece is a combination dab rig and bubbler.

Purr is one of the originals in the glass-crafting game. The California-based company has been serving up design and function since 2003 and the sheer bubblicious appeal of these pipes simply cannot be denied.

One of the newest offerings, the Purr2go, takes on the shape of Purr’s scientific hammer design — it’s crafted with medical-grade polycarbonate made in the US of A. This, along with the fact that the pipe is modular and can be broken apart, make the Purr2go recommended for stony explorations into the wiles of nature.

This piece hits like a dream as the chamber fills with thick draws of smoke and retains Purr’s signature satisfying bubbles. The design of the pipe allows it to rest easily on a flat surface and, because of its material, concerns of toppling the piece and breaking it are null and void. This item also has the added bonus of being easily transformed into a dab rig for taking the 710 show on the road. We’re declaring it a success for stony society as a whole.

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