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Product Review: Boost eRig

An alarm clock with pot leaves sits next to a bowl containing one of the best wake and bake strains
Photo courtesy of Dr. Dabber


Product Review: Boost eRig

Dr. Dabber is one of our favorite producers of vape pens due to their durability and errl-ability – these things basically come stone-a-faction guaranteed.

As much as we love the stay-at-home-sesh, sometimes we itch to take our rig out when exploring the dank world around us. While plenty of our pals show up with a dab briefcase packed to the gills worth of 710 supplies, the Boost by Dr. Dabber frees you from the cannabis clutter. This e-Rig (don’t worry it’s a new word for us too) is just that, an electric dab nail combined with the glass element component of a rig.

Taking massive shatter snake dabs of Clementine on the Boost elevates your social status to slab superstar. In addition to the e-Rig itself the Boost comes with plenty of fun accessories.

As cannabis concentrates continue to be developed though precise science in order to craft the most delicious and potent dabs, we appreciate further scientific principals finding their way into our stoney smoke-outs. Check out the magnetic carb cap that comes with the Boost, this product is full of smart solutions.

Click here to purchase / $199.95

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