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Pot Culture: Jimmy Kimmel, Cakes & A Grow at the Statehouse

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Pot Culture: Jimmy Kimmel, Cakes & A Grow at the Statehouse

A look at what’s trending in weed.

Now that cannabis is beginning to permeate the mainstream, a certain type of viral, perfect news story crops up every so often. Here’s our roundup of the funniest trending pot pop culture.

Get Baked 

A Georgia Dairy Queen employee, who complied with what she thought was a racy birthday request, has been fired after misunderstanding an order and producing a marijuana-themed ice cream cake. The intended decorative inspiration? “Moana,” a 2016 animated film about a plucky Polynesian teenager (and a distinctly worse cake theme). 

The offending dessert first garnered attention online when its recipient, 25-year-old Kensli Taylor Davis, posted a photo of it on Facebook. Decorated with a pot leaf, the words “Happy 25th Birthday Kensli” and some bootleg My Little Pony fan art featuring a pony with another pot leaf on its flank smoking a joint, the cake is objectively hilarious. 

Gaze upon DQ’s works, ye mighty, and despair:

Distinctly less funny, however, is the fact that the employee who took down and completed the order was fired following the incident. 

“It was a mistake,” ex-employee Cassandra Walker told USA Today. “It could’ve been considered a learning experience. I would have accepted that. I would have accepted being written up. But to be at this job for almost a year and not have a write-up, not be in trouble, and to just be let go because of a mistake, it’s not funny to me.”

According to USA Today, Walker was later offered her job back but declined, citing dissatisfaction with the way the fast food chain handled the incident. Bummer. 

Free Weed?

Lots of plants look kind of like cannabis. Japanese maple trees have a similar leaf shape going on. Oregano, famously, is a dupe for dried flower if you’re 14 and gullible. But sometimes, when you think you spot that familiar silhouette, it’s actually the real deal. 

Such was the case for an anonymous woman who saw what she thought was a lone cannabis plant growing outside the Vermont State House in its capital city, Montpelier. The woman immediately reported the plant to the local police chief who, upon investigation, discovered a total of 34 individual, non-flowering cannabis plants. Score, right?

Not so much. Despite the fact that cannabis was legalized in Vermont at the beginning of 2018, the plant can only be legally cultivated at home, not in state government garden space. 

On the bright side, a New York Daily News report indicates that whoever sewed the cannabis seeds will be safe from the long arm of the law. “I don’t want to say it’s not important, but we have other issues we have to deal with,” police chief Matthew Romei told the newspaper. 

710 Quiz It

Late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel (you know, the one who’s not Jimmy Fallon?) got in on last week’s 710 action with a second installation of a pot-friendly segment, the uncreatively titled ‘Jimmy Kimmel Talks to People Buying Weed at Marijuana Drive-Thru in Vegas.’ 

The drive-thru in question is NuWu Cannabis Marketplace, touted as the “world’s biggest cannabis store by retail space” by its owners. Three unsuspecting cannabis consumers are light-heartedly ambushed by Kimmel and a NuWu employee and are asked softball trivia questions, like how to spell “marijuana.” Revolutionary it is not, but it does show that the mainstream media is discovering 710 and is still good fun if you’re into that kind of thing. For a look back at the first time Kimmel grilled unsuspecting cannasseurs, check out the Nov. 2018 clip here.

TELL US, would you order a weed-themed birthday cake?

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