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Grow Digital Cannabis With Flowerpatch

Flowerpatch Game
PHOTO Courtesy of Nugbase


Grow Digital Cannabis With Flowerpatch

Build your farm, make friends and explore an ever-changing landscape in this digital cannabis farming game.

As the cannabis industry becomes more expansive and mainstream, so too comes opportunities for consumers and customers to gain signature collectibles in both the physical and digital world through innovative technologies. With the global hype that NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and digital art have created, it’s no surprise that these new technological phenomena would make their way into a field that’s also newly formed: the legalized cannabis industry. Moreover, blockchain technology as a whole is becoming increasingly utilized in cannabis businesses. One innovative company is tapping into this new opportunity is Nugbase.

Nugbase Inc. is an independent blockchain development studio. The company was founded in 2018 by a group of four close friends and astute entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley who were united by their shared love of cannabis, blockchain technology and gaming. Since its founding, the company has revolutionized its field by adding multiple different comprehensive services geared directly towards these new technologies. Despite the rapid popularity of these technologies, one of their founders, Jon Lustig, has a deeply personal reason for starting Nugbase.

“I ran a medical cannabis collective and witnessed firsthand the legions of people using cannabis as medicine,” Lustig says. “Many people, especially cancer and epilepsy survivors, really need this miracle to be able to sleep and eat and lead comfortable lives. Cannabis can be used to heal ecosystems and people alike, creating a more peaceful and synergetic reality.”

Flowerpatch: A Cannabis Videogame

Flowerpatch, Nugbase’s flagship product, is the first videogame that combines the exciting physical world of growing cannabis with the digital world. Almost five lengthy years in the making, Flowerpatch utilizes these young yet useful technologies into a popular medium that’s not only globally consumed, but also immensely fun and customizable.

“Flowerpatch is a groundbreaking gaming experience that seamlessly blends the digital and physical realms using blockchain technology,” Lustig says. “One of the ways we’ve elevated the gaming experience is by introducing physical cannabis cards that can be redeemed via a QR code on the back for a digital cannabis NFT.”

NFTs are an artform that Nugbase has ample experience in both producing and selling even before their current popularity.

“We’ve manufactured several tailor-made NFTs for various cannabis-related companies, including Karma Cup, the largest cannabis cup in Canada, and the internationally recognized Cookie Family,” Lustig says.  

In fact, Flowerpatch isn’t only one of the first games to use the digital art of cannabis NFTs, but the farming and cultivation simulator is also the first game to use blockchain technology specifically for a cannabis-related game. With the NFTs themselves, the Flowerpatch users will be able to watch their prized art pieces go through the entire cultivation cycle within the world of Flowerpatch, from planting to maturing and to the very important harvesting stage. 

“We know that the NFT scene can be scary for users, so we’ve focused on fairness, honesty and delivering game content instead of empty promises,” Lustig says.

A Ganja-Lovin’ Gamer’s Dream

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast who’s a fan of large-scale simulation and resource management video games such as the genre-defining SimCity or Civilization franchises or feel nostalgic for the Facebook classic flash game Farmville, Flowerpatch is the perfect video game for you. Not only does the game have educational components as the gamer witnesses and learns about the full cycle of cultivation, but there will also be a Sims-like economic aspect where you’ll be able to sell your crops for an in-game currency called “$SEED.”

Taking place in the colorfully picturesque and aesthetically designed world of Alvita, you’ll take the role of an adorably fun-loving koala who will watch his magical cannabis garden grow exponentially. Within Flowerpatch, you’ll be able to combine and cross strains to produce custom cannabis strains that are specific to your own farm. With the $SEED tokens, you’ll then be able to purchase upgrades to your cyber-farm and exclusive genetics for your cannabis crops.

“The developers built an exceptional web-based multiplayer game engine from scratch,” Lustig says. “There has been incredible support with our extraordinary community, amazing fans, memorable memes, remarkable moderator team, loyal long-time players and collectors.”           

Because Nugbase had the monumental goal of creating a video game that would combine the physical world with the digital world, the company has future plans of partnering with licensed dispensaries and brands to feature real-life cannabis strains and products in the fully customizable Cannaverse of Alvita.

Recently, Nugbase released the Corruption expansion pack, which builds upon the base game with extra goodies, cannabis strains and more useful items to build a cannabis farming empire with. There will be much more content and cannabis inclusions to come to the world of Alvita, so players should expect the realm of Flowerpatch to grow as strong and beautiful as their in-game cannabis crops.        

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