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Medical Marijuana Inc. Wins Settlement in Major Lawsuit


Medical Marijuana Inc. Wins Settlement in Major Lawsuit

Last fall, Medical Marijuana Inc. filed a lawsuit a $100 million lawsuit after an investigative report was published that questioned the efficacy and safety of their hemp oil developed by subsidiary company HempMeds. Stewart Environmental, the Colorado lab that conducted the testing, admitted to accidentally releasing preliminary lab results on Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO), which were later published across social media networks . The findings claimed that there were “significant levels of toxic solvents” and incorrectly identified heavy metals in the product.

The company later issued final results that showed their previous findings to be inaccurate and chose to settle the landmark lawsuit with Medical Marijuana Inc, which lab tests their products at least twice to verify results.

CEO and President of Stewart Environmental, David Stewart, has since issued a written statement and video, highlighting the lab’s mistake of releasing preliminary results.

Medical Marijuana Inc. has also filed suits against others who participated in the report, including Genifer Murray of CannLabs, Jason Cranford, Aaron Cantu and Martin Lee.

Update: Jason Cranford has also settled in the case and is set to release his version of the story in an upcoming video testimonial.

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