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LISTEN: Rene Soto, Former New York Cannabis Kingpin, Talks Cannabis Delivery & More


LISTEN: Rene Soto, Former New York Cannabis Kingpin, Talks Cannabis Delivery & More

Cannabis Now sat down with iconic New York City cannabis distributor Rene Soto to chat about how he ended up in federal prison, tattooing Tupac and what he thinks about weed in 2018.

Today, the best way to get weed in the Big Apple is through a bicycle delivery service.

However, the practice isn’t exactly legal: Despite the fact that New York City has over 1,1000 miles of bike lanes and 20 million inhabitants, less than 1 percent of New Yorkers are medical marijuana patients and the state has not legalized cannabis bicycle delivery even for that small group of legal patients. But, this illegality hasn’t stopped the underground bicycle delivery market from thriving in America’s largest city.

While bike delivery services might seem like a recent trend in New York City, popularized by the hit HBO show “High Maintenance,” they’ve actually been around for a long time. Recently, Cannabis Now’s Max Savage Levenson sat down with an OG of the cannabis bike delivery business and a legend in the New York cannabis community, Rene Soto.

In this interview, Soto discusses what it was like to become one of the largest distributors on the East Coast, building a team of five cyclists working in Manhattan and selling to clients like Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill. He explains how he came to be arrested for receiving hundreds of pounds of pot, discusses his second career as a tattoo artist and divulges his favorite strains nowadays. Over the course of the conversation, we found out that Soto was full of some big surprises.

For more on cannabis bike delivery in New York City, look for the next issue of Cannabis Now’s print magazine, Issue 33, to hit the shelves in Barnes & Noble and Hudson News around the country or subscribe HERE.

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