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Jimi Devine’s Emerald Cup Survival Guide

Photo Gracie Malley for Cannabis Now

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Jimi Devine’s Emerald Cup Survival Guide

It’s that time of year again where we start to mentally, physically and spiritually prepare ourselves for another spectacular Emerald Cup.

We here at Cannabis Now absolutely love the Emerald Cup and go as hard as possible in our attempt to tell the stories of the people, and strains, that steal the show every year at Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Between the staff and contributors, we’ve assembled another solid survival guide to get you through 2019’s outdoor marijuana world championship!


First and foremost, regardless of the forecast, you need to drink lots of water. Smoking a marathon amount of joints is never easy on the throat, do yourself a favor and keep some water with you ready to go. There will be places to fill up water bottles also, so consider bringing an empty one into the event.

Be Ready for Rain

Make no mistake about it, it can really pour in wine country during December. We recommend being fully prepared when it comes to footwear, raincoats and umbrellas. In the event you need them having them ready could very well save the weekend. Sure a little water never stopped anyone from smoking a mountain of pot but it could certainly make it less enjoyable.

Health Supplements 

The Emerald Cup is in the heart of flu season and people are passing joints, blunts, and glass everywhere in 4D rotations that take some time to wrap your head around. This is a great reason to chug some airborne on Friday to get warmed up and then through the weekend. Some people even recommend ginger, cayenne, lemon and turmeric before the cup to block all the extra nasty wook bugs from getting attached to you.

Prevent Wook Flu

One of the dopest things to prevent wook flu is the mouthpiece. While they may look questionable, they are certainly the bees’ knees when it comes to not sharing other people’s various medical conditions. They’re cheap too, so definitely worth the investment.

Get Tickets Before

Lines are going to be a bit of a theme when you’re trying to look at the dopest stuff at the cup. One favor you can do for yourself is to get your tickets ahead of time to avoid one more at the box office. Head over to and don’t buy third party.

The Best Seeds Go Early

The musical acts are cool and all, but the cannabis genetics of the Emerald Cup are the absolute star of the show. If you’re looking to get your hands on the rarest and most sought after seeds on the planet you’ll need to get their early. Do you think Capulator’s special drop of Miracle Alien Cookies seeds is just going to wait for you while you stop at Burger King in Rohnert Park? You’re tripping!

Extra Rolling Supplies

Extra papers are obviously a must, and how many times in life have you lost a lighter. What a horrible place the Emerald Cup is to relive one of those dark moments in your life as an unprepared cannabis smoker. Personally I’m packing five packs of backwoods, then figuring out how many I need for Sunday.

Keep the Good Vibes Going

Sure it might rain a bit, and there might be moments that you feel like weed cattle, but don’t stress! Like you, everyone is there to have a good time. Let’s all enjoy the offerings of what these amazing California farmers have done this harvest, and have a great time while we celebrate another year of accomplishments in the hills of the Emerald Triangle.

Come to the Meet & Greet

I’m trying to give all the farmers who don’t have a booth at the cup the opportunity to show me their pot so it can be in contention for my weekend highlights list where I cover all the dopest genetics that I’ll see in Santa Rosa. It’s going down at 1 p.m. on Saturday at the Equilibrium Genetics booth!

Here are some booth picks I will not be missing.


Fresh off opening their new Oakland location, Cookies will be going huge for the Emerald Cup. Be sure to go to the Cookie Dome, yes that’s a thing this year, and check out the full spread of genetics. 

Alien Labs

If you want to see all the best pot at the Emerald Cup, you’ll have to stop by the Alien Labs booth. It won’t be a celebration of full sun outdoor, but there will be plenty of that at other booths and their pot is awesome.

The Area 101 Lounge 

The Area 101 Lounge is a celebration of the Emerald Cup’s history as the premier outdoor cannabis contest on the planet. Named for the cup’s birthplace in Mendocino, you can be sure the lounge will be a revolving door of some of the best cannabis minds on the planet all weekend. 

Royal Key Organics 

Looking to get your hands on the real wook gold boss sauce? I don’t blame you! You should immediately head over to the Royal Key Organics booth when you arrive. After the craziest seed packs, their sauce will likely be one of the most coveted things at the cup.

See you at the cup!

TELL US, what’s your favorite strain from the 2019 outdoor harvest?

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