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Harborside Promotes Outdoor, Sungrown Cannabis


Harborside Promotes Outdoor, Sungrown Cannabis

Dipping one’s whole face near the resinous trichomes of a large Pineapple bud plant growing outdoors smells like you’d imagine: fresh, fruity, tropical and divine. In a new animated short entitled “The Story of Sungrown,” Harborside Health Center explains that cannabis plants fed by the natural light of the sun can be just as rich, powerful and aromatic as an indoor crop — all at a lower cost for the environment and the consumer.

In the video, Harborside’s Executive Director Steve DeAngelo explains that cannabis cultivation was forced indoors due the aggressive prohibitionary tactics of Drug War enforcers. Now, he says, progressive legal efforts in California have allowed outdoor growers more freedom to produce outdoor crops again. These sungrown offerings are better for the environment because they don’t require the energy use associated with indoor grows. In addition, they rival their indoor cousins in taste and potency as DeAngelo showcases a sungrown Blue Dream strain clocking in at almost 18 percent THC.

The cultivation of sungrown cannabis is on the rise. It’s embraced and celebrated in many ways including harvest festivals such as the all-outdoor, organic Emerald Cup and the recent Golden Tarp Awards. As dispensaries continue to expand the offerings of high-quality medicinal sungrown marijuana, the hope is save the environment and return the days DeAngelo describes — colas as fat as one’s arm and buds so resinous they can be picked up just by sticking to your fingers. Sungrown cannabis is very sticky-icky, Harborside is asking customers to embrace all the dankness that comes from plants grown in natural light.

Do you smoke outdoor cannabis? Tell us your favorite strains in the comments below.

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