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Grow Green & Save Water

Bright green, young cannabis plants emerge of from small black pots.


Grow Green & Save Water

Originally published on pg 45 in issue 11 of Cannabis Now Magazine

Here’s a Sneak Peak:

With the drought in California in full swing, it is of paramount importance that outdoor growers in arid areas know and apply some basic rules for growing great outdoor cannabis with half the water.

The first thing to realize when you’re dealing with a drought is that with the absence of rain comes an absence of clouds. An absence of clouds gives an overabundance of clear, sunny sky. While plenty of sunlight may be a good thing for your plants, you need to compensate by using more water to keep your plant hydrated under that blazing sun. The root system will suffer first in drought conditions; the root ball will become feeble and unable to gather enough moisture to keep the plant hydrated and healthy.

As you may already know, the typical marijuana plant needs about a gallon of water a day to grow in a healthy and productive manner in an arid environment. Here are some ways you can grow a healthy plant using…purchase issue 11 to read more.

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