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Green Gone Detox Debunks Drug Test Myths

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Green Gone Detox Debunks Drug Test Myths

Green Gone Detox shares info on what does and doesn’t work when trying to flush THC from the body, whether it’s for a drug test or just a health reset.

Green Gone Detox is the first company to work with pharmacists to develop detox products with completely natural ingredients. Instead of relying on masking agents like other detox products on the market, Green Gone’s detox pills work by utilizing five natural herbal supplements that speed up your body’s own organic metabolite elimination processes to rid your body of THC metabolites.

Green Gone Detox wants to help you to stay safe and healthy while achieving your detoxification goals. There are, unfortunately, many rumored THC detox methods out there that are simply unhealthy and don’t work.

In this article, we debunk common myths surrounding THC flushes and detox methods – most often implemented when preparing for a drug test.

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Myth #1: Just Drink Tons of Water

Many people have heard that drinking tons of water is the best way to flush THC from their system. They will try to drink liters and gallons of water to ensure that any evidence of cannabis usage is eliminated.

Busted: While there is some truth to this detox method, for the most part, the THC compound is too large to pass through the nephron membrane to pass through your urine. Most of the time, the only thing that drinking a lot of water will do is remove smaller contaminants from your system.

While drinking a lot of water is healthy, it can also be dangerous in cases of excessive consumption. Drinking too much water can lead to hyperhydration, diluting electrolytes and sodium in your bloodstream. This causes fluid to move into your cells and makes them swell — a very dangerous reaction in areas like your brain, heart, and lungs.

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Myth #2: Buying Fake Urine

You may have seen advertisements online for fake urine that can be used as a pee substitute during a drug test. There are even some cases where people concoct their own creation to use in a desperate attempt to pass.

Busted: If you think that these tests can be fooled by substitute substances, you’re going to be disappointed. Part of the lab test is a chemical analysis that clearly shows the molecular makeup of the liquid being tested. Even if the technician doesn’t notice anything odd about your substitute liquid, the chemical test will certainly catch it!

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Myth #3: Flush THC with Household Products

Some people think that everyday household items can help flush THC from your system. Stories exist about people drinking undiluted bleach or white vinegar to help them pass urine testing. Some people even believe that highly acidic products or vitamin B3 will dilate your blood vessels and detox cannabis faster.

Busted: There is absolutely no scientific evidence that shows consuming vinegar or other high-acidity liquids will impact cannabis metabolites — it merely causes a change in your urine’s pH levels. Drinking bleach is a great way to end up in the hospital, while safer liquids may still land you with stomach cramps or diarrhea. The ingredients in these household products (like sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride, and sodium polyacrylate) don’t interact with cannabis metabolites at all.

Additionally, vitamin B3 does not affect the THC content in your urine. Dilating your blood vessels in and of itself doesn’t flush THC from your body, and even drinking a ton of water in combination with vitamin B3 still won’t be enough to make a measurable difference. Taking too much of this vitamin can also have uncomfortable side effects, including dry skin, dehydration and fever.

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Myth #4: Intense Exercise Leads to Fast Pot Detox

This theory operates on the valid basis that fat cells store THC, so the more fat you have, the more THC you can store, and the longer it takes to detox. Exercising can help boost your metabolism, which causes you to drink more water and burn fat cells — all of which can be good for your detoxing efforts.

Busted: It Doesn’t Work as Quickly as You Think

However, while exercising and staying fit is a great way to flush your body of toxins, it’s not a magical solution for flushing THC from your body. Don’t expect to hit the treadmill 48 hours before your drug test and pass. 

To make sure exercising is aiding your detox goals, you should start several weeks prior to your test, and stop using cannabis completely. Since drug metabolites are excreted through your urine, you should also stop any attempts to detox at least 48 hours before your test to decrease the THC level in your urinary tract.

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Myth #5: Testing Positive Due to Secondhand Smoke

If all else fails, some people have tried claiming they tested positive due to secondhand smoke. They were in a room full of heavy smokers, and through the contact, their body processed some drug metabolites which are now showing up in their urine.

Busted: Accurate Measurements

The urinalysis for cannabis measures the number of drug metabolites in your system pretty accurately. In fact, when below 50 nanograms per milliliter, you’re considered drug free. Studies over the last 30 years have looked at secondhand smoke specifically, showing that even in cases where subjects were exposed to secondhand cannabis smoke for more than 10 hours, most samples still only showed 0.5 to 1ng/mL. On the high end, one subject exposed to secondhand smoke made it up to 25 ng/mL — still not enough to register on a test.

Green Gone Detox THC

Flush THC Naturally with the Green Gone Detox Kit

Passing THC naturally by abstaining from cannabis is going to give you the best, most foolproof results if you need to pass a drug test. Depending on your cannabis usage levels, this can take time though.

Wanting to find a way to help people speed up this process, pharmacists created Green Gone Detox, which contains only 5 ingredients that all work together to speed up your metabolism, breaking down the fat cells that store THC faster. In other words, using Green Gone Detox pills in conjunction with your all-natural detoxification regime will increase the rate at which THC is expelled from your body.

Determining how quickly the detox pills will work depends on a number of factors. In an effort to recommend the most suitable product for your own body makeup and cannabis usage, Green Gone Detox developed a THC Detox Calculator to help you determine which detox kit is best for you.

The calculator uses your age, weight, abstinence time, product potency levels, along with a number of other factors to determine how much THC is still potentially in your system. Answer each question as accurately as possible, so that you can get the best recommendation based on your individual needs.

Happy detoxing!

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