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Farmhouse Hemp Uses Solventless Extraction for Healthy & Effective CBD

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Farmhouse Hemp Uses Solventless Extraction for Healthy & Effective CBD

Progressive seed-to-sale CBD company Farmhouse Hemp uses an all-natural extraction process that preserves all cannabinoids, terpenes, and beneficial aspects of the hemp plant. This above industry-standard extraction method combined with their USDA certified organic ingredients makes for some of the highest-grade CBD products available.

Bigger isn’t always better, and Farmhouse Hemp is making that clear with their premium line of solventless, small-batch CBD products.

The vertically integrated company out of Fort Collins, Colorado oversees all aspects of the operation, ensuring the highest quality standards are implemented, even before the seed hits the soil.

“I wanted to create a company that was 100% natural from start to finish,” said Crosby Moresco, who co-founded the company in 2016 out of a desire to create the healthiest CBD products on the market and close the transparency gap he was witnessing in the industry. Having been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, a chronic respiratory disease, Moresco was personally invested in finding healthy, homegrown products. 

Moresco says they have intentionally kept the operation small to maintain a high-quality product while ensuring full transparency. Creating CBD oil in small batches at their licensed certified Fort Collins headquarters allows for full traceability and a complete understanding of the genetics. 

“One of the reasons we extract and formulate in small batches is for quality control,” Moresco explained. “We can dial in every variable and factor, from our strains and terpene profiles, to our rosin and end products. This creates an extract that has the most efficacy.”

What also sets Farmhouse Hemp apart is their all-natural extraction method, which utilizes low heat and pressure, as opposed to the industry standard of ethanol and CO2.

Choosing the Rosin Route

Prior to starting Farmhouse Hemp, Moresco had spent years extracting THC from cannabis in Colorado. He witnessed first-hand the dirty side of solvent-based extraction and the harmful chemicals that can go into it.

The rosin tech extraction method, on the other hand, is completely solventless, and as Moresco says, is “hands-down one of the safest extraction methods.” By keeping chemicals out, rosin tech makes for a cleaner, healthier product that Farmhouse believes is more effective.

“With rosin, we can retain everything,” Moresco said, adding that at Farmhouse Hemp, they are firm believers in the entourage effect – a synergistic effect in which the many components that make up the plant produce a stronger effect on the body combined than alone. 

“We want to keep this the way Mother Nature intended it to be. If we are going to be this vertically integrated company, we need to make sure it’s as close to the whole plant as we can get,” said Farmhouse’s Marketing Director, Jake George.

CO2 and ethanol used in other extraction methods can degrade the oil in terpene and cannabinoid retention. With CO2, extracts can contain levels of carbonic acid which can alter the flavor, making it more bitter. George also touches on the sustainability factor of rosin, commenting that it is one of the most sustainable extraction methods on the market.

“We don’t have hazardous waste afterward,” he said. “And the waste we do have can then be 100 percent composted.”

The compostable waste George refers to is also known as the rosin chip – what’s left over after squishing 60 grams of hemp under a rosin press. Any remaining CBD left in the rosin chip is steam distilled and used to formulate their pet drops. Farmhouse Hemp then takes the rosin chip and explores whether it can still be useful for things like feeding goats and chickens before composting it.

With all the benefits of using the rosin extraction method, one might wonder why more companies aren’t doing it.

But Moresco explains that it’s labor-intensive, and not as economical. He estimates that less than one percent of the industry is implementing rosin extraction.

“Companies looking to make a quick buck will never do rosin because it takes time and money,” he said.

“Because we are vertically integrated and doing everything ourselves, we can cut a tremendous amount of costs by cutting out the middleman,” Moresco said, giving another reason he chooses to keep the operation small. “We can provide a really high-quality CBD product at a competitive price.”

Closing the Transparency Gap

Farmhouse Hemp’s dedication to maintaining control over all factors of production is driven by their underlying goal to close the transparency gap in the cannabis industry. They are able to use everything they grow – no outsourcing is needed. 

“We wanted every batch to have full transparency and full traceability,” Moresco said. Before starting Farmhouse Hemp, Moresco says finding testing information for CBD products was extremely difficult, and companies weren’t talking about where their products were grown or what practices they were using.

“Since hemp picks up everything in the soil, knowing that your hemp is grown on organic soil in a safe place becomes important information,” he said. 

With a firm belief in the power of transparency, Farmhouse Hemp implements rigorous testing at every single step of the process and will gladly tell consumers about everything in their products. 

In fact, it’s what they strive for. 

“It’s a difficult industry for consumers to navigate, so for us, it’s about education,” George said. “We can’t overstate how that is seldom seen in the industry. The onus is on the consumer, so you really have to operate with corporate responsibility.”

View the company’s full line of CBD products at First-time customers can enter the discount code hemp20 at checkout for 20% off.

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