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Give the Gift of Rolling With Easy-to-Roll Curved Papers

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Give the Gift of Rolling With Easy-to-Roll Curved Papers

From a city known for its innovation, Curved Papers were designed to help make rolling up a little easier.

Most people know New York as being one of the global hubs of design and advertising. Did you also know there is also a rich tradition of rolling paper innovation in the city? In fact, Easy Widers, Bambu, Raw and Curved Papers all came to life in Big Apple

New York is on the cusp of becoming the 12th state to legalize the adult use of cannabis. With its focus on the consumer, NORML was at the center of the popular support state legislators recognized as New York became the 29th legal state for medical marijuana in 2014. That was the same year Colorado and Washington became the first two states to legalize cannabis for adult use. Now there are only three states without medical marijuana access.

Two legalization bills almost passed in New York last year: the MRTA and the CRTA. At the heart of it, are the New York NORML Chapters, including Empire State NORML, NYC NORML, CCA NORML, ROC NORML, LI NORML, Naz NORML, Hudson Valley NORML and Western New York NORML.

In October, NORML awarded Curved Papers with an NYC NORML Award for Corporate Social Responsibility. As a licensee, Curved Papers supports NORML with a percentage of sales of 100% Organic Hemp NORML Curved Papers being given to the organization.

Curved Papers also produces a series of fundraisers in partnership with CWCBExpo and Polsinelli Public Affairs called the NORML FORML. The NORML FORML 2020 Committee is planning three events in New York, Los Angeles and Boston, which will complement the events and activities to comprise the worldwide celebration of the 50th Anniversary of NORML.

Brooklyn-born MIT graduate Michael O’Malley first came up with Mike O’Malley Designer Rolling Papers when he was in architecture school at age 20. Zig Zag had already released the manual rolling machine that helped people roll joints and cigarettes. Those machines gave birth to ‘cut corners’ — an easy to roll feature that gave rollers a little wiggle room. Curved Papers are the child of the original cut corners.

Made from the finest French rolling paper, Curved Papers has introduced new styles in time for the holiday season; Easy to Roll Curved Rice, Curved Rice King and Curved Hemp King.

With the Curved Papers four-pack, you get 200 rolling papers delivered to your door for under ten dollars. Or, get a Holiday Mixed Four Pack, which features the new styles along with a pack of NORML Curved Papers.

Curved Papers make great stocking stuffers, too. This year, give the gift of easy rolling.

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