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Cannabis Now Luxury Guide

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Cannabis Now Luxury Guide

Our picks for leading a life of herbal indulgence.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with tie-dye and paisley, but Woodstock was over 40 years ago — that whole aesthetic is about as revolutionary as pinstripes and plaid.

As cannabis continues its infusion into mainstream culture, the go-to motifs of stoner-chic (mostly stylistic relics of the 1970s counter culture) are receiving a long-overdue post-millennial update.

These new products encapsulate the contemporary zeitgeist of conspicuous consumption, boasting premium materials and high-profile styling for the cannabis enthusiast who demands luxury and wants to be seen blowing the best.

From ostentatious white gold rolling papers to high-fashion designer purses, these products are for those who spare no expense on their quest for the ultimate in cannabis luxury lifestyle products.

These products celebrate the enjoyment of cannabis with refined opulence, giving a glimpse of the sort of aesthetic elegance we can expect to see in the continued evolution of the cannabis product space.

Palladium GeoPipe
$100 /

The ultimate in smokable pottery, the Palladium GeoPipe has quickly made a name for itself with those looking for the most unique cannabis delivery methods. In fact, no two GeoPipes are exactly the same. The bespoke, white gold styling lends a sharp, geometric visual appeal that’s hard to beat for the relatively accessible price tag.

Tyga X Shine King Size 6-Sheet Pack
$55 /

Nothing says “I get money” like ingesting gold, so those who get it and want to flaunt it have done so using everything from gold flake-infused liquor to gold leaf-coated chocolates. But until now, rolling and smoking a joint or blunt coated in 24-karat gold was just a gilded pipe dream. Now your visions of rolling the hypest 24-K gold spliffs this side of Abu Dhabi can become a glittering reality — just don’t roll joints in Abu Dhabi unless your first name is Prince.

Alexander Wang Mini Rockie Bag
$650 /

You finally dropped some serious funds on a micro-rig for your purse — you go girl. But you can’t just throw that heady rig in your regular Coach bag and be on your way, you gotta think big and go small. The Mini Rockie bag might make you think of Colorado, but the authentic Alexander Wang design is as top-shelf as Cali’s finest.

Mothership 18 Karat Swing Arm
$500 /

If you’re really passionate about expensive cannabis gear, odds are you’ve already got a Mothership rig. Why not spring for this classy attachment from Washington’s premier glassworks? You’re worth it.

Unity Bong
$500 /

This beautiful bong is a delicious indulgence. With an innovative modular stacking system and your choice of three different options for its polished wood accents, this smoking accessory is sure to turn your simple smoke outs into lavish love affairs.

Cubic Cap
$34.99 /

Diamonds are forever — even if they’re synthetic. The highest end concentrates and quartz buckets demand a carb cap. Thankfully your Quave Club XXL Banger (because of course you have one) is the perfect fit. You’ll look like Leonardo Dicaprio when your limo pulls up to The Secret Cup.

Pax Era
$55.99 /

This sleek vape pen is beyond luxurious. When decked out with a sativa cartridge from Bloom Farms, the Era is a perfect companion for exploring the luxurious decadence of the Las Vegas Strip. This discrete, state-of-the-art vape is perfectly designed for both smoke seshes and champagne toasts.

Sunburst Lux Smoker’s Clip
$140 /

This beautiful item from the High Society Collection is a exceptionally extravagant way make sure you smoke every roach to its last — and everyone sees you doing it. This item is perfect for parties or trips to high-end smoking lounges.

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