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5 Cannabis Organizations to Donate to this Holiday Season

5 Cannabis Organizations to Donate to this Holiday
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5 Cannabis Organizations to Donate to this Holiday Season

Change the future of the marijuana industry for the better by contributing to the cause.

No matter what time of year it is, it’s always good to try and be helpful to those around you whether it’s donating time, money or resources. But, during the end of the year is when the Christmas spirit is high and people are really focused on giving back in a major way.

Last year, Americans donated over $400 billion to charities and this year will probably be no different. If you’re looking for some ideas about cannabis-related organizations that you can donate to this year, check out this list of places doing good work to help change the future of the cannabis industry for the better.

Weed For Good

Based in California, this organization is dedicated to easing the pain and suffering of patients with terminal illnesses. They use their resources and relationships with hospitals, assisted living services and health facilities to provide free or low cost high-quality, lab-tested cannabis low-income patients with chronic conditions. There are a number of ways to contribute to this organization from donating a one-time amount of your choice to volunteering your time to dispense cannabis or provide education to patients. Companies and cultivators can also get in on the action by donating cannabis that the organization can give to patients.

The Hood Incubator

This Oakland-founded but nationally-focused non-profit’s core mission is to build economic and political for people of color in the cannabis industry through community organizing, policy advocacy and economic development. Though the cannabis industry is booming, black people make us less than 5 percent of its founders and business owners and black consumers are 3 times more likely to be targeted in racially-biased arrests. The organization hosts annual business accelerator for entrepreneurs, offers apprenticeships with local cannabis companies and provides the community with regular events from legal clinics to monthly member meetings.

Realm of Caring

With a focus on research, education and advocacy, this non-profit aims to provide families with up-to-date information and resources about cannabinoid therapy for a number of conditions. They offer classes to educate both the public as well as healthcare practitioners and medical professionals about cannabis science and even provide a care team to answer questions via phone and email from clients. Donations help them to continue funding and conducting research while advocating for increased access for families in need of treatment. You can take action by giving money towards specific programs, volunteering your skills locally in Colorado Springs or remotely or even by following them on social media and sharing their content with others to help raise awareness.

Cage Free Cannabis

It’s no secret that the War on Drugs has ruined the lives of many men and women, disproportionately affecting communities of color. That’s why this organization is focused on raising awareness around the issue as well as creating opportunities for people of color to participate and profit in the cannabis industry. They are rooted in reparative, economic and environmental justice to advocate for an inclusive industry that prioritizes social responsibility. Donations go towards community-based organizations that offer various programs including expungement and re-entry after incarceration.

Last Prisoner Project

As cannabis legalization picks up steam and continues to spread across the U.S., the Last Prisoner Project is making it known that pardons granted for cannabis offenses aren’t occurring at the same rate. Not a single cannabis law has passed that provides for the release of cannabis prisoners. It seems logical that when laws are passed legalizing cannabis, those incarcerated for the thing that is no longer illegal (cannabis, in this case), should be automatically released. It should be written into the laws. While releasing cannabis prisoners is the Last Prisoner Project’s main objective, it doesn’t stop there. Much of the group’s work is dedicated to ensuring that prisoners are given opportunities after they get out.

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