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The Marijuana Grow Bible

Young cannabis plants on tomato cages to aid their growing


The Marijuana Grow Bible

Robert Bergman’s knowledge of plant growing comes from his past as a cultivator. He has been growing cannabis for more than two decades in and around Amsterdam, beginning with just a small, home-based set up before graduating to industrial-sized grows. His move from a cultivator to an author and founder of was inspired by an urge to share the knowledge he picked up through hands-on experience with others.

Described as a grow guide for beginners, The Marijuana Grow Bible is a solid source for new cultivators interested in getting an uncomplicated run-down of the basic techniques for growing. It’s written in a straightforward style that’s easy to understand even though it describes a very delicate, particular and involved process.

The brief guide offers four succinct chapters that cover the basics of growing cannabis from start to finish, from seed to harvest, with images to accompany growers through a variety of stages. Readers can find information about what to consider when selecting seeds, the difference between indica and sativastrains and what to expect during the plant’s germination process.

The second and third chapters hold the bulk of the information with more information about the plant’s specific needs when growing indoors and outdoors. People interested in growing their cannabis inside can learn about techniques that can improve the outcome of their plant. Bergman covers everything from the dangers of over-watering plants to the importance of having nutrient-rich soil. There is also information about pests and other environmental problems that are particular to indoor plants like spider mites and diseases that occur due to lack of nutrients. For outdoor growers, there’s an entire chapter on ways to boost a plant’s potential. Many of the tips and suggestions are similar to the indoor chapter, with a few variations to account for the unpredictable nature of the weather and pests found outside.

The last chapter covers harvesting techniques with information about how to properly prepare, dry and store cannabis after it’s gone through the entire growth process from seed to flower. Bergman warns against fast-drying entire crops as well as improperly storing buds. In this chapter, it becomes clear that every part of the growing process has a significant effect on the flavor, appearance and potency of the bud. What happens after the plant is fully grown is just as important as all the steps that lead up to it.

Overall, the book is a simple read with easily digestible information. Its short length allows for it to be a quick reference guide that isn’t bogged down with information that would confuse a grower in the beginning stages of their cultivation journey.

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